The Van Tharp Institute is delighted to present the


Sensory Enlightenment Workshop


Presented by Stuart Mooney


September 8-9, 2012

Saturday-Sunday • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



"What Can I Do To Become Who I Already Am?"

Humanity is changing, shifting, opening, transforming. This rise in consciousness is experienced by all of us and this workshop is most helpful in navigating the changes we are experiencing.

"During this "Sensory Enlightenment Workshop", I am going to be providing you with a profound understanding and the direct experience of Spiritual Enlightenment, the "Big Enchilada" of experiences, because that's what's coming. Everybody needs to start getting ready for this experience because it's going to be a common experience in our culture.

Please join me, Stuart Mooney, on this incredible journey to complete fulfillment and to the end of all of your personal suffering."


Join us for this profound weekend in discovering how to live without the noise and suffering we all have experienced for such a long time.


Stuart's workshops are very flexible as he usually generates the content, completely in the moment. So each course is unique!


The following is an example of topics covered in a weekend workshop:




  • The Search for a Divine Connection: The History of Enlightenment
  • The Thinker, the Brain, the Mind and the Atman
  • The Source and and Solution to All Personal Suffering
  • An Ancient meditation practice for limitless Energy, Creativity and Intelligence
  • The importance of the "What Is"
  • Acceptance, Authenticity and Gratitude
  • How to overcome your karma in the blink of an eye!
  • Perfect Health through Healing Grace


  • The Choiceless Bliss Technique
  • The key to Dynamic Relationships
  • Feelfulness: Beyond Mindfulness
  • Awakened States/Awakening/Oneness/God Realization
  • The Divine Art of Attraction.....includes a special practice
  • Manifestation Secrets of the Yogis
  • Understanding Yogic Powers
  • Ultimate Mystical Teachings for Instantaneous Enlightenment


Check out the following 14 minute video from a Sensory Enlightenment Workshop


Stuart Mooney Jr. M.A. is a renowned author, teacher and healer. For nearly 40 years, he has lectured, all over the world, on the “Nature of the Awakened Consciousness”.


His spiritual travels are legendary. Stuart was one of the first western clinicians to use yogic meditation in the treatment of mental illness and, in 1972, he helped perform landmark research into the effects of mantra meditation on the human brain. Even today, Stuart remains on the cutting edge of the study of the Psychophysiology of the Awakened Consciousness.


Stuart is an exceptional Oneness Trainer and the author of American Buddha.We are privileged to bring him to North Carolina for this special workshop.


Register Here


We will limit the class size to 40, so register early as we expect this event to sell out.


The cost is $250.00.


The location is Cary, NC
(Click to learn more about location)

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