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Oneness Awakening Course
2-Day Transformational Workshop
Presented by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

Join us for this life-changing event!

Participating in the Oneness Awakening Course
is an extraordinary opportunity to benefit from some
of the important journeys Dr. Tharp has taken
to transform his life.

The course has become a fundamental tool in
Dr. Tharp's mission to help his clients succeed.
Don't miss a chance to learn more about
how you can become more aware,
positive, calm, centered, and successful.

Reach A Higher Level of Consciousness

How could a higher level of consciousness help a trader?


Most people have had the experience of watching someone who is really great at what they do. Whether it's a sports star in the game or a masterful craftsman, there is an element of effortlessness that comes from their ability to be "in the moment." Many people have had this experience themselves, in some aspect of their lives — for a few seconds or even a few minutes. The moments may be fleeting, but you know when you've had one. It's at these times when we can recognize these people are in a high state of awareness.


Participating in the Oneness Awakening Course is an extraordinary opportunity to benefit from some of the most important journeys Dr. Tharp has taken to transform his life, and to cultivate this awareness in your day to day life.


The Oneness Awakening Weekend course has become a fundamental tool in helping Dr. Tharp accomplish his mission of transformation and ultimately help each of his clients succeed. Students who attend this two-day intensive workshop will walk away with tools to help them cultivate awareness in their life, and they will also experience an immediate and tangible shift in perception.


As a result of this experience, traders can expect to naturally become more aware, positive, calm, and centered. By extension, they will also experience a shift in how they perceive the market. When a trader sees the market as it really is, rather than what they want to see, the act of trading becomes more relaxed and they become more confident and successful. Does this sound like the type of experience you want trading to be?


While this two-day course is not a technical course about trading, we have seen amazing results in the traders who experience the benefits of being more 'awake' and aware, calmer and more centered. Why? Because the person themselves are always the primary instrument, even before the technical skills of trading are engaged. Just like the athlete with impressive skills, traders can also utilize the phenomenon of tapping into their awareness to achieve premium results. Keen awareness, in turn, opens up new possibilities. Another great thing about the concepts and experiences in this course is that they have benefits that apply throughout students' lives, not just in their trading endeavors. Time and time again, traders tell us that their trading improved after taking this course, but also their personal lives as well!


The Role of This Course and The Super Trader Program


If you are interested in applying for admittance to the Super Trader Program, this workshop is a qualifying event. The Super Trader I program is very much about working on yourself more so than working on systems or trades. Since this course focuses on your inner-growth and self-work, Dr. Tharp can use the course like he does the Peak Performance 101 workshop, as a way to see if you are open to working on yourself and your level of commitment. At $495 it is also the most cost effective way to take a qualifying workshop to apply to the Super Trader Program.


Contact us, we are happy to help.


If you'd like to know more about this workshop, or talk with one of our staff members to see if this workshop is right for you, we invite you to call or email Rebecca Price.


Rebecca is a certified Oneness Trainer. She has traveled to India on 4 separate occasions and completed the 28 Day Deepening, the Oneness Trainers Course, Oneness Partners Course (Level 1 & 2), and Journey Into the Divine (Level 1) at Oneness University. She has been teaching with Dr. Tharp for 3 years, and is enthusiastic about helping others to dive into their own transformation. She is on staff at VTI, and is always glad to help you! Call 919-466-0043 or email info@vantharp.com.


Please read more below about Van's journey here.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Van TharpTo understand the value of the Oneness Awakening Course, it helps to know more about Van Tharp's Journey Down the Rabbit Hole.

"Let's talk about transformation."


At a recent Systems Development Workshop, about half of the attendees said that they had already received some major benefit from their association with the Van Tharp Institute (e.g., Tharp Think saved them from blowing up their account).


I am so glad that the principles we promote have helped so many traders. The comments that are particularly meaningful to me come from people who say that our workshops and home study courses (Peak Performance) have completely changed their lives. Hearing that kind of feedback inspires me and my staff. I don’t do this work for the money; I do it because of how I feel when you tell me how much of an impact we’ve had on your life. My mission has always been to help people transform themselves through a financial metaphor


I’m almost at retirement age, but as far as I’m concerned I’m already retired. I do what I love to do and my staff handles those aspects of the business that I don’t like to do. Thus, I will continue to do what I do for many years.


In addition to creating and teaching the workshops for my company, I’m forever looking for the next step that will help people more. I believe that I can’t help others transform any further than I’ve managed to transform myself. To that end, the last 30 years of my life has been a transformational journey. Let me detail some steps of that journey for you.


I have a Ph.D. in psychology; however, I don’t consider much of that education to have been transformational but it at least it gave me a baseline.


I spent four years going through the book A Course in Miracles (I’m doing it again now but with a very different perspective). This course had a major effect on me when I first completed it, although I really only understood the surface aspect of it. When I had finished, I had gone from psychologically dead to having this business that was about helping others through a financial metaphor. I didn’t know anything about running a business, but somehow I’ve managed to do this full time for about 35 years and overcame many bumps in the road.


While I was doing A Course in Miracles, I learned about NLP as the science of modeling. I completed an NLP practitioner’s course, an NLP master practitioner’s course, an NLP associate trainer’s course, a modeling course (the most valuable), and many other NLP courses. Through my NLP training, I learned many transformational techniques, and most importantly, the Science of Modeling.


In addition, I met a woman who used to be a Scientology Practitioner and had developed her own “improved” process for helping people through their issues. I did days and days of clearing work with her and actually went as far as she could take me. I’d reached the spiritual-oneness level, but I didn’t feel that much different.


I participated in the Lifespring Courses. I thought the Basic and Advanced Courses were quite inspirational. They also had a leadership course, but that seemed to be all about enrolling people in their seminars. It was quite different from the original Lifespring leadership course, which was like an outward-bound course. I didn’t finish that leadership course because I didn’t approve of what they were doing. But I read some of their recommended books and attended one weekend of the leadership course with the understanding that the course’s subject matter would be based upon one of the books I read; it wasn’t. It was still about enrolling people in their workshops. As a result, I dropped out and created the course I wanted to attend, which grew into the first version of Peak 202. Over the years, however, that course has evolved considerably from its start.


I learned numerous transformational techniques and to execute each of them correctly, I usually had to attend a workshop of some sort. I even took a Deepak Chopra meditation course.


In addition, I attended the nine-day Avatar Course twice, as well as the 11-day Avatar Masters Course. I would have considered teaching it, but I was told I could only teach it under the supervision of a certified Avatar Master, so I elected not to teach it. Even still, I went on to take the 13-day Avatar Wizards Course on two separate occasions.


Many years ago, I met Libby Adams at an NLP master practitioner seminar. Eight years later, I ran into her three times in one year. Now do you think running into someone like that is pure coincidence? I don’t. I learned that she had developed a transformational meditation (tfm) technique. I did several exercises with her and subsequently integrated her methods into the Peak 202 workshop. I’ve taken her 28-day TFM Course twice now and we’ve incorporated it into the Super Trader program.


Of the additional transformational work I’ve completed, Byron Katie’s 13-day School for the Work has been especially significant to me. That was an amazing course that parallels the teachings in A Course in Miracles: everything you see is a projection of what’s in your mind and thus is “not real.”


As I said before, I continue to work on my transformation because I think the more I transform myself, the more I can help you transform. Over the years I have found that transformational techniques with a strong spiritual component are the ones that tend to be life changing. Some of the other non-spiritual techniques might change your behavior but not your life.

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Wake Up & Change Your Life

My most significant transformational experience was a journey that started in January 2008 when I got a hands-on-my-head blessing at a local Unity church. After that blessing I felt amazingly peaceful for a while. Then, I wanted more. I got a second blessing a few months later at the blessing giver’s home and learned that she actually was channeling divine energy into me. This energy is designed to slow down the activity of the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain (i.e., temporal and spatial activity) and speed up the activity of the frontal lobe. It is this brain change that will help people “wake up.”


So what do I mean by wake up? The best way to illustrate it is through the model David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. discusses in his book Power Versus Force. Hawkins developed this model for his Ph.D. dissertation in psychology. Hawkins postulates that human consciousness can be measured on a log scale from zero to 1,000. Hawkins considered levels of consciousness below 200 to be self-destructive while 1,000 was the level attained by Jesus, Buddha and other great masters over the years. The log nature of the scale offers exponentially more energy at the higher levels. Hawkins said that Gandhi, a single man whose consciousness was at about 700, was able to defeat the British Army, whose consciousness was about 175, nonviolently. While the British army relied on force, Gandhi possessed power.


Hawkins said that love comes into your life at a consciousness level of 500 and that enlightenment starts at around 600. Obviously, there are many levels of enlightenment if consciousness can go to 1,000.


For most of recorded history, the consciousness of mankind has been below 200 (self-destructive) and it only since the late 1980s that things have started to change. Now I don’t know if Hawkins’s model is real, but it is useful to explain what happens to traders as they work on their own psychological transformation. The more transformation they get, the more they move into power that will allow them to create and shape their own destiny and results. They become more awake.


Being “awake” also reminds me of the movie, The Matrix. When your consciousness rates 350 or below, you are locked into an illusion—the Matrix. The illusion is shaped by your beliefs but you don’t realize it. However, as you begin to realize it, you can adopt more and more useful beliefs that allow you to function in the matrix at a very high level. And that’s probably what happens at the first stages of transformation to traders. They become more and more able to control the outcome of their trading by doing such things as adopting “Tharp Think” beliefs.


Towards the end of the movie, Neo begins to realize that the Matrix itself is a total illusion. He had been programming himself to work more effectively merely within the illusions. That’s good for traders who understand the “Matrix” metaphor because they adopt useful beliefs and can function more effectively within the “Trading Matrix.” Neo comes to realize, however, that he can step out of the Matrix and function at a totally different level. Suddenly, he’s way beyond anything else in the Matrix. For traders, I refer to this as "Trading in the Now". This probably begins to happen, speaking in terms of Hawkins’s model, when one begins to glimpse consciousness at the level of 600 or higher.


With that perspective in mind, I’ll tell you more about my experience with the blessings. During my second blessing a couple of years back, I learned that people used to have to go to India for 42 days to become a blessing giver. Later, the process was reduced to a 21-day training. I said, “when can I go?”   Well, I wasn’t able to go until July and by that time, becoming a blessing giver had been reduced to a 7-day course (for English speaking people) in Fiji. For more insight into the initial impact that this course had on me, see the two articles I wrote in August 2008: Understanding Your Core Issues Part 1 and Part 2. That course has had more impact on my life than anything else I’ve ever done, and it is still growing in significance. Those two articles only begin to scratch the surface of what has happened.


I now give blessings on the last day of most of my psychology workshops and the impact is quite profound. One of my Super Traders, a Vietnamese woman who lives in Toronto, went into a very profound state after one blessing more than a year ago. We talked about her experience and I said, “Why don’t you trade from that state?” She did and became one of the first Super Traders to trade in the now—with some amazing results. I’ve since heard many stories about the impact of the blessings on people lives after receiving blessings from me.


In late 2009, the seven-day blessing giver course evolved into a two-day course given by local Oneness Trainers. And then in March 2010, the founders, Amma-Bhagavan, announced that it was now time to start “waking up” the blessing givers. This meant that the blessing you received to become a blessing giver was a special Mukthi Deeksha blessing that started you on the awakening process.


In March of 2010, I sponsored a Oneness Course through the Van Tharp Institute right after our initial Peak 203 workshop that was open to the public. That course included the Mukthi Deeksha. Three staff members attended that course along with my two family members and about six of my Super Traders. In all I think about 18 people attended. And perhaps because it followed the Peak 101 and Peak 203 workshops, that two-day course was a mind blowing experience for everyone.


Because everything I’ve done in connection with Oneness has had a major and quick impact on my life, I went to India in September 2010 to attend the Oneness Trainer’s Course (which, interestingly enough, one of my Super Traders has already attended). While it’s too recent to determine the full impact of that course on my life (I’m already seeing signs of it), I continue to believe that over the next year or so, it will be tremendous.

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What It Means To Be Awake

Van TharpWhat does “waking up” mean according to Oneness? The first sign of permanent awakening is when things that used to give you charge (i.e., produce strong emotions or keep you thinking about it) only produce a charge that lasts 30 minutes or less. This doesn’t mean that you forget about it after 15 minutes but then see the person that produced the charge several days later and still have it. It means that all charge is permanently gone in 30 minutes or less. That’s the starting point.


As you continue to wake up, the charge period decreases until it is less than a minute. And finally the charge is totally gone. Nothing produces charge in you anymore. Nothing!


It is then that you begin to feel a sense of Oneness with other people. Perhaps it’s only fleeting, but it happens: first, oneness with one person, then another, and then with many people.


Next you start to feel one with the animals, the trees, and everything in nature. And finally, you experience total oneness. I’m not sure where Oneness with the Market comes in (i.e., trading in the now), but it’s probably around the same time that charge begins to disappear.


If you’d like to understand what it is like to live in that state, read Byron Katie’s book A Thousand Names for Joy. When I experienced Katie in person, it was very clear to me that she would rate very high on Hawkins’s consciousness scale. You can start to understand that when you read her book.


When I returned from the Oneness training in early October, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make Oneness part of the Van Tharp Institute curriculum since it's not specifically about trading. But I followed my instinct and offered this training in November, 2010 and it was so transformational that I will now be offering these courses throughout the year. As a matter of fact, I am now using this course as the prerequisite for the Super Trader program. It's that's powerful.

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The Effect This Workshop Had on This Trader

About a month after this trader attended his first Oneness Awakening workshp he wrote this:

Hi Van,


I wanted to thank you for the workshop. It was a real gift; the transformation has been amazing. At the beginning I was very confused about what I should be feeling or practicing to continue experiencing what I was experiencing. After a couple of weeks the intensity of the feelings slowed down, but the clarity and awareness continued. I joined a Kundalini Yoga practice and some South Florida phone meetings, and I am currently investigating modifying my diet towards a less red meat option.


On the trading front it has been incredible; the profit/loss has stabilized; but what blew my mind was the disappearance of doubt and fear when turning on CNBC; I feel that if I turn it back on, they will steal my mind again. Most of the time I just know what the market is doing, and if I am wrong I just exit. No hoping!!


I currently don't have a day trading system to follow; but turned a couple of stopped out trades, which would have been average losses on my system, into small profits; I expect that new improvements will improve my R multiple at the end of the month and my 4.5 SQN system might get even better (although the score might go down a bit because of the change of variability between the winnings and losses).


This really changed my life and my family for the better. If I weren't experiencing it first-hand I would have never believed it so deeply. It opened my curiosity. I can't stop investigating and trying new things.


The weirdest thing happened, now when I get that rush in my head, instead of laughter, tears start coming out with no apparent reason and my sense of smell is amazing; I can pickup even the slightest smell in much detail. Weird! But the feeling is incredible.

Juan Carlos A.


We get feedback like this from attendees frequently!

What You Will Learn in the Oneness Awakening Course


During these two amazing days you will achieve the following:

•   Learn about living in the Awakened State of Oneness with joy, freedom from the mind, and release from all sense of separation.

•   Learn ancient meditation practices to help open, balance and clear the chakras* (energy centers) and the nadis* (energy channels), and activate the Kundalini* energy, leading to higher states of consciousness.

•   Learn the formula for success and happiness in inner and outer life and how to create what you want in your life experience.

•   Experience samskara shuddhi, an ancient technique to:

– deepen your experience of Divine Grace by releasing deep-seated emotional charges,

– heal relationships with your parents, your children, and your partner, and

– remove negative patterns caused by childhood experiences.
Oness Awakening


•   Experience Deeksha* (Oneness Blessing) to help you establish an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine, accomplish your goals in life, and enter into an amazing state of calm for trading.

•   Become initiated as a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver!· Begin to LIVE your life free from separation, conflict, resistance and the chatter of the mind.

Experience reality as it is, living with bliss and clarity and understanding that “what is” is perfect.

The awakened state initially does not mean the total absence of thought, chatter, and charge. As I mentioned earlier, when you first become awakened, charge may last as long as 30 minutes, but that is a vast improvement over charge that for many of you may last for months or years. Do you know someone you have charge towards? If they suddenly walked into your life, would the charge still be there? Well, at the initial state of awakening it would disappear after 30 minutes or less and wouldn’t return upon seeing them again.


The mind is still there, it’s just that we are free from its constant chatter and domination over our lives. We may still experience an ongoing stream of thoughts, but you begin to realize that you are not those thoughts. You are the awareness of them. And you experience them without conflict or resistance. It’s when we resist them, fight them, or try to fix them that they persist and rule our lives. But with permanent awakening, the need to resist and fix is gone.

With permanent awakening you start seeing things as they are. And you can start paying attention to everything around you without judgment, just as it is. Can you imagine trading the markets from this state?


This workshop is about transformation. This is not a trading workshop.

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Tips & Discounts

Van Tharp Institute

102A Commonwealth Court
Cary, NC 27511

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If you need a lodging, click here for hotel recommendations. 

RDU Airport is the nearest airport and it is about a 20 minute drive from our location.

Space is limited, so advanced registration is required.
The fee is non-refundable unless you cancel with at least a week’s notice or
with enough notice that we can fill your space with those who may be on a waiting list.

What To Bring:
Wear loose comfortable clothing.
You may bring your own comfortable seating. Chairs will be provided.
Please bring a yoga mat or something else to lie down on.
And bring a blanket to cover yourself while going through processes.

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Chakras - Energy centers within the subtle body that, when balanced, lead to the experience of a harmonious reality, connection to the Oneness in everything, and ultimately to union with the Divine. Chakras may be worked with directly through specific yogic and meditative practices. These practices are taught at the Oneness University and by Oneness Trainers around the world.


Deeksha/Oneness Blessing - A transfer of physical energy that causes a neurobiological shift in the physical brain, and triggers the awakening of the kundalini and the balancing of the chakras. It is a benediction, a gift from the Divine that is necessary to complete an awakening into Oneness. It is one way that the Divine reaches out to humankind, to assist in the current evolutionary process.


Kundalini - The dormant spiritual energy within the human organism, said to reside in the subtle body along the spine. The process of awakening or enlightenment is said to mirror the rising of the kundalini, from the base of the spine up into and out of the crown of the head. The kundalini flows through three main channels (nadis) in the human energy system. One of the primary intentions of the Deeksha is to activate the kundalini and to guide it upward, resulting in a full awakening into Oneness.

Oneness - The natural state of the human being where one is experiencing reality as it is, the reality of the senses, and freedom from the interpretations of the ancient mind. A state whereby the sense of separation has dissolved and one experiences reality as a profound web of connection between all living matter. There is no longer a “me” and a “not me,” but rather a division-less flow of the Divine, intelligence and love.

Baktha Paradeema - This is one of the most important concepts I’ve ever run across, so I wanted to share Sri Bhagavan’s answer to the following question.

Question: Bhagavan, God is one, so why does the response of God vary from person to person?


Answer: The amount of grace you receive or the form in which God manifests to you depends on the relationship you have with God. That is why it is important that you do not have an image of a punishing god or an indifferent god.


If you thought that God would be angry with you for your thoughts or your life and you were therefore afraid, God would certainly punish you. If God to you were a lazy father that would only answer after endless petitions; that would be your reality. You create your God.


You have made a mess of your lives, unaware of the power and freedom you hold in creating your God. One of the greatest curses you could lay on yourself is to create a wrong kind of God—a defective God who could sit over you in judgment and punish you.


Remember, when I say creating your God, I do not mean creating a non-existent God through your own imagination. God is your creator; how could you create God? Creating your own God means to awaken to the power you wield. God is powerful, but you too being a part of God, are quite powerful, hence the problem. You have the freedom to design the kind of God you want.


It is like the potter, making use of the clay and creating master pieces. You are the potter and God the clay. Your God would then respond to you the way you want. That is why, we use the word “Elokthakari”—one who does as bidden.


Do not think it is presumptuous to design God. You have all along been creating your God unconsciously, only now you do it consciously and intelligently. God does not define himself or herself. Humanity defines God.


Create a God who is powerful enough to awaken you and also fulfill your desires. If you relate to God as playful, powerful and a compassionate friend who will respond to your needs instantaneously, that would be your God.


If on the other hand, if you define God as unapproachable, the doors of heaven shall not open because there would be a big board reading “No Entry.” If you say God is indefinable, that certainly would be your experience. You could choose to have a frowning God, a smiling God, a laughing God or you’re playing God.

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