Futures Trading Workshop
Presented by Gabriel Grammatidis



Learn to Trade Three Futures Trading
Systems with an Edge

Have you noticed the strong & smooth uptrends in the US Stock indices (starting as of end 2016)?


Do you remember the big swings up and down lasting over several months in metals and energies (such as precious metals and oil)? Why don’t you trade moves like these in your preferred timeframe at a time during the day that fits you? I have a strong belief that in these trending markets following the trend is key. Why? The stronger the trend the more counter-trend traders are attracted into the “Market Traps” that are set-up by the specific patterns of my three systems.


Getting stuck in any of the traps can be a very painful experience – benefiting from it is a lot more fun. Do not miss the big number of opportunities presenting themselves to you now and in the years to come. Take your trading to the next level! Join us for this three-day workshop and leave prepared to trade the system right away.


Plus, we will offer Two days of live Futures trading so you can trade the systems live!



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Liquid Futures

Trading liquid futures through the CME Globex platform allows for electronic trading nearly 24 hours per day, across the globe. Wherever you live and during whatever time you want to trade, you can benefit from the global markets by choosing from a variety of liquid futures (preferably mini-futures) across different asset classes.

Your Instructor

Your presenter, Gabriel Grammatidis, is a professional trader trading Futures and Forex. He has worked very closely with Van Tharp over many years. Gabriel now wants to share some of his best trading systems with you. He has a passion in teaching people and seeing them grow in many aspects of their life.

Gabriel has a varied and fascinating background. Since his adolescence he enjoyed trading with options, stocks and ETFs. Still minor in age he already had his first commodity futures account. His passion for the capital markets led him, after his degrees in business administration, to seek a job in the Asset Management industry. He has been working for PIMCO and a top 5 global investment manager for over ten years. Gabriel decided to pursue his passion for trading and personal development by leaving his successful financial career and enrolling in Dr. Tharp’s Super Trader program. In the program, he had to unlearn most of what he’d been taught and adopt new ways of thinking that would allow him to start winning consistently in his trading. Gabriel graduated in 2010 from the Super Trader program in only 2 years, and, since then trades full-time the capital markets.

Born in Switzerland of Greek and German parents, Gabriel has always felt a natural attraction to the international nature of capital markets. Grown-up in Germany, he’s worked and traveled extensively in the US, Asia and Europe. Now, living on different continents during the year he enjoys the electronic 24h futures market that allows him to trade different timeframes at times of the day that best fit his lifestyle.



The Method

Gabriel teaches a number of low-risk trading ideas at his workshop. All three trading systems are trend-based and involve a visual pattern based on the psychological dynamic of buyers and sellers. Looking at the price charts you can easily observe how price action creates the patterns. His systems can be traded in a wide range of timeframes across a good selection of futures in different asset classes — be it Stock indices, Energies, Metals or Interest rates. Just recently Gabriel added the new Bitcoin future on his list of tradable futures.


Gabriel’s preferred trading style is Day, and Swing, trading using primarily 1- and 5-minute as well as 60- and 240-minute candle charts. Once the trade develops well he may decide to transition it into a Swing Trade on a higher timeframe. His trades usually tend to evolve over a time period of anywhere from 15min to a couple of days (or even weeks, in the case of strong trends).

A selection of the futures, preferably mini-contracts, that Gabriel trades are: YM, ES, QM, YG, TY, XBT.

The Systems

All three systems taught are trend-following systems due to the typical price action behavior of future markets. The systems involve specific visual pattern based on the psychological dynamics of buyers and sellers. With a focus on patterns and price action the use of indicators is limited; some indicators are used as a counter-signal to attract counter-trend traders into a “bad trade”. The strength of the systems lie in the application of markets traps and failure signals that tend to give you the best entry signals with a strong follow-though. It is always better to use the market trap in your favor instead of getting caught up with the crowd.


But not only that — it is definitely more fun and profitable!

Gabriel teaches clear setup rules with a precise entry and stop levels. His exit algorithm involves several components to acknowledge for different profit levels achieved, volatility, time and special situations. The exit is customized to each system, and once in the trade, it can be executed either in a fully mechanical way or by applying some discretion. All three systems require a “failure hook” against trend direction just before entry. This hook that protects your initial stop represents the “last kiss” that separates the novice trader (usually trading counter-trend) from the professional.

After having entered your trade, you can sit relaxed and observe how the stops of the counter-trend trader are run over creating a strong follow-through to your benefit.

The use of indicators is limited as the main edges of the systems come from the price pattern itself, i.e. the psychological footprint of the market actors. Gabriel strongly relies on the concepts of dynamic support and resistance (8 and 21 moving averages). The confirmation of the patterns in higher timeframes is part of the core rule-set of all three systems.

In a strong trend all three systems are complementary to each other offering a large number of trading setups during anytime of the 24h day.


Why you will want to attend the Workshop?

Trading Gabriels’ systems (based on liquid futures) provides you with a number of advantages:

• Good number of opportunities trading a wide range of timeframes (from tick-/1min-charts to long-term charts such as 240min, Daily or even Weekly charts)

• Trading at any time during the virtually 24h day (independent of timezone you live in)

• High liquidity and regulated market pricing at any time during the 24h day resulting in steadily flowing charts, low transaction costs, no/little slippage and limited price gaps

• Ability to trade very small timeframes (eg seconds or tick charts) allowing you to efficiently trade for a duration of only 1-2h per day

• Learn to read the charts by identifying visual patterns – let the trade reveal itself to you and trade against the crowd

• Capitalize on Market Traps and failure hooks that allow for well-protected stops and extended stop-runs of counter-trend traders

• Possibility to hold a position over night (no gap risk of beginning-of-day)

• Ability to automate Gabriel’s exit algorithm allowing you to scan for additional opportunities

• Using the Higher Timeframe analysis to further increase the system reliability and protect your stop

• Ability to transition a good day-trade into a swing-trade potentially lasting for weeks/months.

Overall, liquid futures offer you lots of flexibility and a large number of trade opportunities in an environment in which the risks, and your potential trading mistakes, are limited. Trading liquid futures is an ideal way to start trading futures and to capitalize on its’ benefits.


Trade Before You Leave the Workshop!

Have you ever attended a trading workshop that taught a lot of methodology and a bunch of rules, only to find that you had trouble trading it when you got back home because you had so little experience with it? Gabriel had that experience and wants to better prepare the traders at his workshop.

Students in his course come away with a solid understanding of the trading process because they practice the setups, entries and exits!


Gabriel makes extensive use of a trading simulator (live history replay) with which actual trades are traded in class as if “live”. So you go home already having a good idea on how to trade the systems.

After a thorough review of each system, he slowly walks you through a number of trades on each system that has multiple time frame charts—basically the same screen setup that Gabriel uses to identify setups, entries and exits. All of these trades use recorded historical data run on a software system that reproduces the price charts from the date and time in the live market. You will be able to watch the setups happen as he explains how to get ready for and make the entry, and then how to get ready for and make the

exit. After walking the students through several simulations, Gabriel allows students to talk through several additional examples with minimal guidance from him.

You learn, not only by seeing and hearing, but as well by doing and feeling the price action! When you get home, you’ll already have made a number of trades in each system — which means you’ll have a running start. And just to be sure: Gabriel provides everyone with an extended manual to take home and study.


Who will benefit from taking this workshop?

This course is best suited for someone who:

• Has some experience trading stock, options, ETFs or funds and wants to start out trading futures.

• A novice trader who wants to learn systems with an edge following Tharp Think in a fully regulated and liquid market.

• Already trades futures and wants to learn to trade visual patterns (market traps and failure hooks) that benefit after entry from steady stop-runs moves.

• Is a Forex trader who wants to complement his trading with other asset classes to allow for more trade opportunities (ideally you have many more opportunities than you need) .

Due to the size of standard future contracts, the course is not meant for traders with a limited trading account (min. account size to be 20,000USD). If you are a novice trader who wants to start out trading a small account, then the Forex Trading Systems Workshop is recommendable.


In what way is this Futures course different from Gabriel’s Forex Workshop?

Gabriel gets a lot of questions from traders trading his Forex systems on this Futures course. The three Future systems are different from the ones in Forex as far as setup rules, entry and exit algorithm are concerned. Gabriel’s systems are based on similar “ingredients” (such as his moving averages (8, 21 and 200) as well as his 5 timeframes setup), but each has a different recipe to capture the opportunity inherent in each market.

As an example: his first futures system—the Gecko trade—is based on the same core idea as the “Busted Breakout”—a breakout failure. However, a pronounced consolidation with clustered stop-run levels is no longer required. Out of 10 Gecko trades maybe only 1 or 2 might match with the rule-set of the Busted breakout (S1) setup. True, you can apply the Forex systems the same way in the futures market. However, due to its’ less ranging-type of behavior, you would miss a large number of opportunities that offer themselves.

Take your trading to the next level!

More information on the workshop and the individual systems to come!

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Gabriel at - gabriel @ vantharp.com - or contact customer-service @ vantharp.com.

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Below are a variety of published articles in German publications which are German Language Only


Exit Strategy (German Language Only)

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The Van Tharp Institute totally guarantees that you will be delighted with this workshop. In fact, we'll take all of the risk ourselves. If you aren't totally satisfied by noon on the second day of the workshop, you can request a full refund. Just return your notebook to a staff member and we'll refund your workshop fee even though you've already had the benefits of part of the workshop.


We expect that you will not only be satisfied with the course but will wish you had stayed on for the extra two days of live trading!

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