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The Elements of Super Trading the Futures Markets:

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Over the years, I have found that many traders (novice and experienced alike) talk themselves out of trading the futures markets. Most of the time, they simply “fear the unknown” and which limits their ability to reach higher levels on their trading journey.

For instance, see if you agree with any statements like these about trading futures:

  • “Futures have big opening gaps every morning.”
  • “I would need a much larger account size to trade futures.”
  • “All of the different tick amounts, margin requirements, and contract specifications seem too complicated. I wouldn’t know where to start.”
  • “What if I had to take physical delivery? … Where would I put it?”

Those fears are unfortunate because many of the world’s best traders (including your instructor) go to the futures markets to create consistent profits and immense wealth. Every day, smart traders at every level use various contracts to achieve their goals in this global marketplace. Examples include the S&P 500 with ES, the Dow with YM, Gold with GC, Crude Oil with CL and Bitcoin with XBT.

Today, thanks to one of my most ambitious and accomplished Super Trader graduates, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the EXACT way he trades these markets. He calls his method “The Metrix Experience” because he blends metrics with the story from the movie The Matrix. Based on his trading results, it seems to work well.  

Meet Gabriel, Your Guide to Trading Futures

Gabriel Grammatidis began investing as part of a high school project and before leaving for college, he was already actively trading commodity futures markets. He earned Masters’ degrees in both Economics and Business, and went on to hold executive positions at PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors, two world- class investment management firms.


After working in the corporate world for more than a decade, he decided to take has passion for trading and personal development to the next level. He enrolled in our Super Trader program in 2008 and graduated in 2 years after which he began trading the Forex markets full time. Gabriel’s personal mission now is to help others develop themselves and their trading skills. He enjoys seeing his students make positive changes in their lives and he’s ready to coach you to success in the futures markets.




What Gabriel Will Share With You

On day 1, Gabriel will go over concepts of trading from the perspective of a Super Trader including:

  • How ONE simple process gives you a massive edge,
  • What you MUST develop to significantly shorten your learning curve,
  • How to eliminate the most common trading mistake, no matter your experience level.

Later on day 1, you will begin a deep dive into the futures markets, where you will discover:

  • Why futures, traded almost 24hrs a day, let you manage risk significantly better than equities,
  • How specific “market traps” give you repeated (and numerous) opportunities to profit,
  • Which “counter-intuitive” trade ideas are your best friends and how they allow you to recognize an edge before the crowd,
  • How to adopt Gabriel’s beliefs so that you improve your probabilities of becoming profitable more quickly.

By the end of Day 1, Gabriel will cover all of the parts of his first system, breaking it down so everyone can understand how it works. It’s during this time that you will know and understand:

  • The 6 main building blocks of each setup Gabriel uses to trade,
  • What to look for to increase your probability of success,
  • Chart patterns to look for as well as those to avoid and how to recognize them as early as possible.

As an example, which of these chart patterns do you think offer opportunity and which consistently DO NOT?




On day 2, Gabriel will introduce you to the EXACT simulation tool he uses to get up to speed with any new futures trading system. Gabriel has improved the three systems he will share with you this weekend by using simulation tools to augment his live trading. You will learn:

  • Why simulation matters when learning to trade new systems,  
  • How to accelerate your success through a simulator,
  • Why “the hook” pattern is crucial, and what it adds to your entry confidence,
  • The way different entries, exits, and position sizing affect your results,
  • How to dramatically increase your confidence as you practice optimal entry/exit strategies

Gabriel will also cover how you reach the appropriate mental trading state BEFORE you start trading each day. When you don’t start the trading day in the right mental state, you may find it difficult to shift and that you are making mistakes by not following your rules. This is invaluable to everyone in attendance.

Later in the day, Gabriel will break down system 2, which offers the highest expectunity and SQN of his three systems. You will gain several insights here, including:

  • How to trade false counter-trend market breaks,
  • What traps and hooks to look for during the market phase of the price battle,
  • Which system 2 patterns are NOT tradable, keeping you out of harm’s way

Finally, on day 3, Gabriel will again help you put into practice what you’ve already learned, and trade in a simulated environment. During all practice sessions, Gabriel projects his simulated trades on the workshop room main screen. You will observe his thinking and actions relating to correct trade analysis, opportunity evaluation, and trade execution. As you cover more trades, he will speak less himself about what he sees and what he should do and asks for more group input and involvement. By the end of the session, the students will be talking through the trades and he’ll only interject if necessary.

Gabriel will also go into the beliefs and rules for system 3. This system has the highest win rate of all the systems offered over the weekend. He will show you the ins and outs of various entries and exits as well as share in-depth Super Trader techniques for getting into the proper state for success.

As an example of what the three system offer, look at the sheer number of opportunities for profit in this chart for on one contract in one timeframe:



Before the workshop closes, Gabriel will explain what flawless execution looks like and why THAT particular goal should be your primary focus.

Because Gabriel graduated from the Super Trader program, he understands that adopting the beliefs, mental states, and strategies of exceptional traders is the first step leading you to similar exceptional results. He covers each of these aspects of his trading in great detail so you can begin the process to generate your own exceptional results.

By registering today, you have the opportunity to join him along with a small group of fellow traders, including some of the Super Traders in the program right now. When you come to Cary this April, be prepared to put into practice what you’ll learn when you get back home … you will not be disappointed.

Who Will Benefit From Taking This Workshop?

This course is best suited for:

  • A trader with stock, options, ETFs or funds experience who wants to start trading futures.
  • A novice who wants to learn several trading systems with an edge following Tharp Think in a fully regulated and liquid market.
  • A futures trader who wants to learn to trade visual patterns (market traps and failure hooks) that benefit after entry from steady stop-runs moves.
  • A Forex trader who wants to complement his/her trading with other asset classes to find more opportunities (you may find many more opportunities than you can trade).

Due to the size of future contracts, the course is meant for traders with a trading account size of greater than $20,000(USD). If you want to start out trading a smaller account size than that, then we’d recommend the Forex Trading Systems Workshop.


In what way is this Futures course different from Gabriel’s Forex Workshop?

Gabriel gets a lot of questions from traders trading his Forex systems about his futures course. The three futures systems are different from his Forex systems as far as the rules for setup, entries, and exits. Gabriel’s systems are based on similar “ingredients” (such as using the 8, 21, and 200 period moving averages as well as his 5 timeframes setup), but each system has a different recipe for the different markets — even if they are trying to capture similar opportunities.

As an example: his first futures system—the Gecko trade—is based on the same core idea as the “Busted Breakout”—a breakout failure, however, the criterion for a pronounced consolidation with clustered stop-run levels in Forex is not required in futures. Out of 10 Gecko trades, maybe only 1 or 2 might match all of the criteria for the Busted Breakout (S1) setup. True, you can execute Forex systems in the futures market, however, you would miss a large number of opportunities due to the less ranging-type of behavior in futures markets.

Take your trading to the next level!

More information on the workshop and the individual systems to come!

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Gabriel at — gabriel@vantharp.com — or contact customerservice@vantharp.com.


LIVE Futures Trading with Gabriel!

We are also proud to announce an additional 2- day workshop with Gabriel featuring LIVE Trading of the futures markets in REAL-TIME!

Watch, listen, and learn as Gabriel shares with you the exact steps he takes to prepare for the trading day, find opportunities, and deploy his three systems during the trading day.

Seating is extremely limited as this follow-on workshop is ONLY for those who attend the Futures Trading workshop.

Take advantage today and attend this special, hands-on event for only $2,500 more, for a total investment of $5,795.

You’ll watch in real-time Gabriel’s step-by-step daily process in his own trading account so that you can become more comfortable trading the futures markets and accelerate your trading confidence!


Register For both Live and Regular Workshops Here


LIVE Future's Trading

LIVE Futures Trading with Gabriel!


We are also proud to announce an additional 2- day workshop with Gabriel featuring LIVE Trading of the futures markets in REAL-TIME!

Watch, listen, and learn as Gabriel shares with you the exact steps he takes to prepare for the trading day, find opportunities, and deploy his three systems during the trading day.


Seating is extremely limited as this follow-on workshop is ONLY for those who attend the Futures Trading workshop.

Take advantage today and attend this special, hands-on event for only $2,500 more, for a total investment of $5,795.

You’ll watch in real-time Gabriel’s step-by-step daily process in his own trading account so that you can become more comfortable trading the futures markets and accelerate your trading confidence!


Register For both Live and Regular Workshops Here


Q and A with your instructor, Gabriel Grammatidis

Q: How many systems and what kinds of strategies will we be learning?

A: I will teach three different systems all based on trend-following strategies that involve visual price patterns displaying the psychological dynamics of buyers and sellers. Using price charts, you will learn the best patterns that create our setups. All three systems can be traded in timeframes from tick, 1min, 5min, 15min on an intraday basis to 60min, 240min, and daily basis for swing. Position traders can even trade these systems using weekly charts.

Q: What are the SQN scores of the three systems?

A:  The SQN scores for these systems are between 3.9 and 4.8 which ranks them all in the “Excellent” category of Van’s trading system classification.

Q: Do I have to trade these systems exactly as in the workshop? Are they “flexible” at all?

A: In the workshop, I will primarily focus on intraday charts and trades with an intraday or swing time horizon. I believe that markets operate in a fractal nature and I demonstrate how my systems work equally well on timeframes from 10 sec to end-of-week. You have flexibility to adapt the systems to fit you and your trading style in several ways that I will go over in the workshop.

Q: What is the required capital needed to trade these systems?

A: I generally recommend having a liquid net worth sufficient to fund a trading account with a minimum of $20K.

Q: What markets are the systems designed to be traded in?

A: Subject to margin requirements and equity amounts, these systems can trade any of the futures markets preferably those that trade on the 24h hour Globex futures platform (CME, Chicago). I personally trade a good number of contracts of Equity Indexes, Metals, Energies, Interest Rates and others such as the new Bitcoin Future contract.

I prefer intraday and swing trading using primarily 5- and 15-minute candle charts as well as 60- and 240-minute candle charts. Once an intraday trade develops, I may decide to transition it into a swing trade on a higher timeframe. My trades tend to evolve over a time period of anywhere from 15min to a couple of days, and in some cases, very strong trend trades can last for a few weeks.

Q: What is the minimum risk required per trade?

A: This is entirely an individual answer, however, starting out I would recommend risking no more than 0.5% of your equity per position. As you get more comfortable trading the systems and developing a consistent, profitable track record, I would recommend risking no more than 1% of your equity until you have studied extensively the subject of position sizing strategies.

Q: How much trading experience should I have before attending?

A: Ideally, some experience trading stock, ETFs, Forex, or CFDs would also be helpful. Trading experience, however, is recommended but not required. Novices are very welcome as well, but should indicate this early in advance so that there is enough time to bring them up-to-speed.


Prework Needed

It is very important to watch the video instruction below regarding preparation for the Futures workshop.




Get Post-Workshop Instructor Support!

As a bonus, Gabriel has agreed to offer a 2-hour online group call approximately 6 weeks after the workshop to offer a quick market assessment, see where everybody stands, answer questions, and offer support as needed. He will also offer ongoing email support for 3 months after the workshop to encourage and assist those traders with additional questions about trading the futures markets.


If you are not completely satisfied with our workshop by NOON on the second day, you can request a full refund – no questions asked. Just return your workshop notebook to a staff member and we will happily refund your workshop fee.

We gladly take on this risk at almost every workshop we offer believing that the value we give you far exceeds the cost for you to be here.

With your registration today, you’ll begin the process of adopting the successful mental states, strategies, and beliefs necessary to trade the futures markets. With Gabriel’s commitment to teaching, you will come away with the tools you need to trade this market and achieve the results you are striving for.

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Below are a variety of published articles in German publications which are German Language Only


Exit Strategy (German Language Only)

Article 1 -Grammatidis-1-Interview_TJ.pdf

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Article 3 -Trader.Entwicklung1_TJ.pdf

Article 4 -Trader.Entwicklung2_TJ.pdf

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Article 7 - Interview_Die Busted-Breakout-Strategie ist hochproitabel! .pdf



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