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Live Day Trading Workshop
Trade Live with Ken for 2 Days
Presented by Ken Long


Based on his vast experience modeling outstanding traders, Van Tharp has concluded that rule-based discretionary traders are most likely to be successful.


Now we're bringing you training that specifically teaches this trading style from our master instructor Ken Long. Ken’s approach is an archetype for rule-based discretionary trading.

Van Tharp
What to Expect

If the Day Trading Workshop is the classroom training course, then the Live Day Trading Workshop is the complementary, in-the-field learning experience where students have a master trading coach by their side and have the chance to apply the trading concepts in the real world. It is unlike any other workshop offered by the Van Tharp Institute. You craft your own daily trading plan based on Ken Long’s Frog, RLCO, or swing system signals and trade your own platform with your own money—all under the guidance of Ken, who will offer thorough direction and individualized feedback.

Ken originally developed this workshop because clients saw him day trading his swing systems and wanted to do the same. Currently, Ken focuses on trading intraday systems though he still takes some of the “turbo” or “day 1” trades that are based off of his swing system entry signals. 

Ken teaches by example and coaches students in three main areas:

  • What traders need to do in preparation for the trading day
  • Executing trading systems in the open market
  • How to identify and benefit from the lessons for the day after the market closes.


The process is iterative and reinforces a host of great trading habits. Participants in the workshop are invited to prepare their daily trading plans with Ken’s guidance, call out their trades and observations during market hours, and share with the group their learning experiences at the end of the day. In effect, the workshop becomes a live version of Ken’s trading chat room where traders go through a similar process each day and collaborating and learning from one another.


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Workshop Structure

Ken’s approach to Day Trading is an archetype for the rule-based discretionary trader—the type of trader that Dr. Tharp has found to be the most successful (click here to learn more). Discretion - according to the principles of Tharp Think - means that you use rules in a disciplined and logical manner. It doesn’t mean doing whatever you feel like doing at that moment.

Ken makes the following promises on helping the attendees accomplish the following tasks:


  • Build a daily trading plan with “framed” trades based on the Frog setups, RLCO candidates, and the Tortoise daily report.
  • Scan for intraday opportunities after the market opens.
  • Employ Mastermind techniques to practice collaborative learning and trading.
  • Utilize pivot point techniques to SPY as a guide for large cap and ETF positions.
  • Use the "gapstat" and "rangestat" figures to calibrate targets and overnight risk.
  • Explore position sizing™ strategies and trade management strategies to manage intraday risk.
  • Adapt position sizing strategies to maintain constant risk levels for any positions held overnight.
  • Frame various short-term Tortoise trading patterns.
  • Break into smaller groups of like-minded traders to explore collaborative trading.
  • Participate in the chat room to learn the different ways that the chat room aligns with individual learning styles.
  • Explore the 4-bullet money management strategy.


When we first offered this workshop, a number of attendees who’d attended Ken Long’s workshops in the past registered before a workshop description was made available. Why? Because, through personal experience, they know that Ken is a remarkable trader and an outstanding teacher. They also know that through this workshop, Ken will help them trade more profitably—especially in the current market conditions. If you want to learn from a renowned master and improve your trading, enroll now.



Here's what a few students had to say:


“I now have a better understanding of my trading strengths and weaknesses.”—Paul Waldo Laurel, MD


“Great center, great class, invaluable information that I don’t think can be found anywhere else.”—Peter Wechter New York, NY


“Every question I had was answered. Ken is sure to explain everything thoroughly. If you have a question, he will explain in a way you’ll understand.”—Wade Fisher, Lewistown, PA


“Live trading is very instructive. I felt it was an excellent capstone to the Mechanical Swing & Day trading course.”—Kurt Wessels, San Francisco, CA Francisco, CA

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The Results

We've been amazed at some of the high R-multiple trades that Ken and some of his students have made during past live trading sessions. Here are the averages from past workshops, which span several different market types:


May 2011: Bull Normal Market
7R per trader week, 1.45 R per trader day average

Oct 2011: Bear Volatile Market
9.6R per trader week; 2R per trader day average

March 2012: Bull Quiet Market
8R per trader week; 1.6R per trader day average

We had one trader tell us that he not only covered the cost of the workshop with his winning trades during the week, but also covered all of his expenses for international travel. Another attendee said that if he hadn’t gone to the workshop himself, he would never have believed that the kinds of results Ken generated were even possible.


The figures above are averages. We’ve had everyone from beginning traders to Super Traders to sizable hedge fund managers in the workshops. Most of the attendees made money, but some lost money or made very little. We can’t guarantee that you’ll make money during these trading sessions, because you are responsible for your results. However, regardless of the individual R-multiples for any participant’s trades over the course of the week, we’re confident that the constructive coaching each person receives will improve their trading and yield valuable, practical lessons that will remain useful for years to come.


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The workshop is held in the Van Tharp Institute in-house workshop facility at 102A Commonwealth Court, Cary, North Carolina.


You will be trading the systems you have learned in the Day Trading Workshop, therefore you must first attend that workshop to attend the live sessions.
Call us if you are not sure if you qualify, 919-466-0043, or email


While we don't offer the normal VTI guarantee on the Day Trading Workshop, we do offer the guarantee on the live trading. Come to the live trading and if by noon on the FIRST day you don't feel it is right for you, you can request a full refund.


We don't offer the guarantee on the three day workshop because Ken reveals the systems on the first morning and students practice trading them from then on. If you want more information on this go to .

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Resources and Examples of Ken's Trades
  • Read Van's article about trader types and mistakes here.
  • To read an interview with Ken Long about his approach to trading, click here.
  • Read a student's perspective on Ken's workshops here.
  • For Ken's perspective on his systems and teaching style, click here.
  • Check out this detailed case study and 8-minute video of successful trades from Ken Long for the week of February 20 here.
  • Every Sunday evening, Ken analyzes his weekend report and records the video of his interpretations about the market. Attendees of his workshops receive access to these recordings and reports for one year. To watch the February 13, 2012 analysis, click here.
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