Infinite Wealth Workshop

Presented by Van K. Tharp

Gain True Freedom by
Unlocking the Inner Keys to Wealth



Building wealth is a lot like a game.

One that’s entirely made up, with a totally new set of rules…
Rules that are customized and specifically created
to ensure YOUR success.

In fact, once you play the game by these new rules,
you could soon be infinitely wealthy...

read on to see what I mean...


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The Path to Wealth Has Changed...

Dear Financial Freedom Seeker,

Without a doubt, most of us are “programmed” at a young age that the rules for financial success are simple:

  • Go to school (and get good grades)
  • Get a good job (hopefully one with benefits)
  • Buy a house (you get a tax deduction after all)
  • Contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan (so you can comfortably retire after working for 40 years and begin to enjoy life)

In fact, this well-known path for becoming successful works perfectly…
in a world that no longer exists.


First off, going to college today doesn’t guarantee anything. Millions of recent graduates around the world are unemployed or underemployed, working in part time positions completely unrelated to their major field of study.

Benefits have been cut or eliminated, job security is no longer a reality, and there is ZERO loyalty to either employee or employer.

Buying a house today exposes you to rising property taxes, increased utility bills, and repairs. Even if you pay off your mortgage and “own it,” these expenses never stop, draining your bank account every month.

And, simply putting money into a 401k doesn’t guarantee you a successful retirement. Most employer-sponsored plans offer limited options, and virtually all are bull market focused, leaving you little protection when markets turn down. There is also the matter of fees…these can take up to a THIRD of your return over the lifetime of the account. To top it off, due to demographic pressures, government rules regarding these vehicles will likely change dramatically in the not too distant future, lessening their benefit and appeal.

As you get older, more “rules for success” are offered, leading you deeper into the maze that is the rat race. Almost no one spends any time in critical thought, wondering if these “rules” are actually good for you.

For instance, we’re told that you need to have multiple lines of credit. That IS how to increase your credit score, right?

And, buying things like new cars, boats, and jet skis are real signs of wealth. (You don’t want to fall behind the Joneses!)

Finally, you deserve a vacation…somewhere special. You really did work hard for it. Just don’t forget to use your credit card.

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Step Back and Think About This...

If you can step back and see that these are artificial constructs, designed to siphon money away from you rather than enrich you, you realize you have a choice to make.

You can continue playing by these “rules.” Many people still do, and none of them would call you out for doing so. After all, it still works, right?


But what if you could learn how to play a different game…one where YOU get to make up the rules.

You decide what financial success looks like… What abundance means to you… And what true freedom is. It’s what I call Infinite Wealth, and once you understand its principles, you will discover how to apply it to your own life and why that’s the ONLY way to achieve real freedom for yourself.

But, before we get to the details, let me state something very clearly:

The path to infinite wealth does not begin with investment strategies or tactics.

Yes, there is a place for learning successful trading and investing tactics, as well as the systems behind them. That is, after all, what we primarily teach here at VTI.

However, the concept of infinite wealth uniquely begins on the INSIDE...

Your mindset…

Your beliefs…

In other words, it involves your psychological relationship to money. 

It’s here where we will focus our attention.

After attending our workshop, you’ll realize that the ideas behind making money and accumulating significant wealth are really not complicated. They are actually very simple to understand once you have been made aware of them.

In fact, I believe that they could be taught to every child in school by the third grade.


Unfortunately, these processes and principles are not even discussed in most universities, let alone in grade school.

Instead, most educational systems around the world are chiefly designed to do one thing:


Make you a good employee.


There is very little focus on you becoming financially successful or learning how to create wealth.

Achieving true freedom is not their agenda for you.


Consider this fact: Only 2% of the population in the United States will be financially secure and able to rely solely on themselves when they reach retirement.


Why, in one of the richest nations on Earth, is that true?


Most other parts of the world are even worse off…even in other so-called developed countries.

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What's the Infinite Wealth Course About?

Now, if you have read this far, you’re probably well educated and likely consider yourself above average regarding financial knowledge.

So let me ask you, are you infinitely wealthy?


Could you stop working, right now, if you wanted to?


For how long?

If not, are you still in the rat race, not knowing how to create true financial freedom?


Maybe you’ll always work, simply because you love what you do.


Or, perhaps you like following the “rules” laid out for you. In fact, most people around the world go to work and abide by the rules given to them.


If that is what you honestly want — great.


But, what if I told you that there’s a different game you can play...


One that’s entirely made up, with a totally new set of rules…


Rules that are customized and specifically created to ensure YOUR success.


In fact, once you play the game by these new rules, you could soon be saying to yourself,




Think about how your life would change by actually being in that position.

What would you do?


Where would you go?


What experiences would you have?

This is not just a grandiose concept or idea. I myself achieved infinite wealth shortly after changing my mindset…about money…about success…and about true freedom.


In other words, what it truly means to be infinite wealthy.


At my New Infinite Wealth workshop, I’ll share with you the exact same methods I used to reach this pinnacle in my own life. Read on, and discover what you’ll learn over a course of three days at my new and exciting workshop.




Beginning on Day 1, you’ll learn what the real Wealth Game is and, more importantly, what it isn’t. You will discover:

  • Who decides the rules in the wealth game
  • What money really is and why it doesn’t even matter
  • What is holding you back from creating infinite wealth in your own life
  • How different people think about money and why it matters
  • The single greatest method for infusing positive beliefs about wealth into your being
  • How to achieve infinite wealth in 7 simple steps

We'll finish the day by playing a game that's designed to get you thinking about the game of wealth in a much different way and to look at your patterns of behavior when it comes to money. You’ll learn more about yourself…your beliefs about money, and what’s possible (or not) just by playing this game 
On Day 2, we’ll start with a quick review before I share with you the exact same steps I took to create infinite wealth for my family and myself. You will learn how to model my success and achieve real freedom for yourself. We begin by discovering how to:

  • Become debt-free in less than 7 years, including your home, cars, credit card debt, student loan debt and more, all on your current income
  • “See yourself” infinitely wealthy with the same visualization techniques my Super Traders use
  • Invest in yourself to increase your income by 1000%
  • Use tax expectancy to your advantage as a trader and investor
  • Create inner wealth to achieve the freedom you seek

At the end of the day, we'll have another round of gameplay to reinforce more new wealth-building concepts while continuing to think of infinite wealth as a game to be played.

Day 3 begins with a review of the previous day’s notes and discoveries before we cover more in- depth inner work. Before you leave the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Overcome your weaknesses while fostering your strengths with SWOT analysis
  • Come back from a set-back, all with a unique mental resilience tool
  • Begin each day with a clear intention, simply by removing your limiting money beliefs
  • Use the matrix model to achieve infinite wealth
  • Get your life purpose in alignment with your financial goals

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Learn About the Opportunity of a Lifetime

We don’t spend a lot of time on specific investment strategies in this workshop because you can get those anywhere. It’s having the mindset to attain that wealth that is the key.

Nevertheless, Van believes that the investment opportunity of a lifetime is right in front of us. It’s cryptocurrencies. As an example, if you had invested $100 in ten of the highest market cap cryptos of today (ruling out the obvious scams; and ruling out forks and those that didn’t exist on Jan 1st 2017) then your $1000 investment would be worth over $50,000 at the end of the year. And bitcoin was the poorest performer out of all of those coins.

Now picking the highest market cap cryptos and looking back on their performance is obviously going to bias the results to be favorable. You probably won’t make 50 times your money next year. But 10 times your money is quite possible.

Most people will lose their shirts doing this, because of the scams and the potential mistakes you can make that could cost you everything. However, if you 1) have a wealthy mindset; 2) understand risk control, position sizing and expectancy; and 3) know what the key pitfalls are and what to do about them, then you could be one of the few to really make a lot of money in this area. Blockchain technology is the 5th new wave of the computer revolution and it’s only in its infancy. We plan to devote one section of the workshop to exploring how to safely take advantage of the diamonds in the cryptocurrency minefield.

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Attend on a “Better-Than-Risk-Free” Basis: Our Powerful Guarantee Of Your Success

If you’re a success-driven person, open to new ideas about how to build a wealth foundation and using the information we teach you, then I’m willing to guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with this course.

In fact, if you’re willing to commit to achieving “Infinite Wealth,” then I’m willing to offer you an incredible guarantee.

Come to the course and attend the first half of it.

If at noon on the second day you are not totally convinced that the information given can produce the level of wealth you’re seeking, just speak with one of our staff members, and we’ll refund your enrollment fee in full.

There will be no questions asked and no hard feelings.

This, I think, is better than risk free.

Your potential reward is infinite wealth…your risk is just one day of your time.

Why do I offer such a guarantee?

Here are three excellent reasons:

  1. When we absorb the initial risk, you’re more likely to come. We enjoy helping others achieve their goals and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend.
  2. I know the importance of this material. It WILL change your life, just as it has changed mine.
  3. Once you’ve successfully completed this course, you’ll likely attend more of our workshops and recommend our offerings to your colleagues and friends.

People who are committed to acquiring real wealth could spend a lifetime trying to find and interpret this information. We have done all of the research for you, and we know that if you attend this course and put the material into practice, you will see results.

After attending Infinite Wealth, you’ll have the tools you need to create the life you desire, on your terms, and in your own way.

Remember, this workshop will completely reshape your relationship to money, wealth, income, and work. Let me guide you on this unique path and show you what’s possible in creating infinite wealth in your own life.


Van K. Tharp
The Van Tharp Institute

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