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You Have Until This Friday, November 17th to
Secure Your Choice of
2 Workshop Package Deals!

Are you motivated to dig in and sharpen your skills in preparation for the upcoming opportunities in the markets? If so, Dr. Tharp has approved a limited number of discounted workshop packages for traders committed to improvement.

If you act fast, by this Friday, November 17th, you can get a package discount to attend ANY workshop we offer at an unprecedented low tuition cost per workshop.

5 Workshops in 18 months
(January 2018 - June 2019)

At just $1,499 per workshop, traders get a great deal on trading education, and have plenty of time to attend a variety of workshops through June 2018! Yes, this discount even applies to workshops that are normally priced at $3,995! Again, this includes all workshops we offer, even the ones held overseas! Plus, if you purchase this package and then change your mind there are some refund options, detailed below.

You could use your package like the sample shown below. Take your pick of any of the workshops on our schedule and see the savings!
5-package deal
10 Workshops in 12 months
Buy 4 Workshops and Get 6 Workshops Free!
(January 2018 - December 2018)
That's only $1,250 per workshop! Yes, that discount applies to workshops that are normally priced at $3,995! This includes all workshops we offer, even the ones overseas!

You could use your package like the sample shown below. Take your pick of any of the workshops on our 2018 schedule and see the savings!
10-package deal
Think about this for a moment: Have you been considering attending one or two workshops in the coming year? Now, you could attend 10 paradigm-shifting workshops and really put your trading education on fast-forward for virtually half the tuition!

While we want each and every one of you to be able to enroll in this option, it may not be for everyone. This unprecedented offer priced at $1,250 per workshop, does not allow for time extensions — this package is valid through 2018 ONLY and cannot be transferred to others. This offer is a no-refunds proposition...students should be ready to go "all in" mentally to take their trading to the next level!
A Cut Above

We specialize in high-quality, high-value training, and our workshops are consistently rated as excellent by attendees in post-workshop feedback. We strive to give students personalized attention and create a comfortable, effective learning environment at our custom built training facility. While our tuition fees are in line with the level of service we provide, clients tell us they receive even greater value from attending any VTI workshop, and the benefits always outweigh the price tag. VTI workshops are top of the line, containing cutting-edge material. Van Tharp personally hand picks his instructors, usually the best and brightest from his pool of Super Trader graduates. Workshop students will typically participate in a class of 10-20 traders, and each student always has the opportunity to receive personal input from their instructor.

Time and time again, students also tell us that once they attend a VTI workshop, they want to come back again to learn as much as possible and extend their personal network. This is where these special, deeply discounted packages come in — they allow you the chance of a lifetime to invest in yourself and your trading in a big way!

Making the Decision

Deciding to attend a workshop may be a challenge — even if it will likely improve your trading. There are so many details to consider: Can I take off work? How will I get there? Are these Van Tharp people “for real”? What if I’m the only one there who has ever (fill in the blank) or never (fill in the blank)? What about time away from my family?

And the list goes on. Rest assured, more than a few students have had these same questions, yet many continued their journey because they felt some sort of “pull” to learn more. Some acted right away and took their seat in the classroom. Others pondered — feeling the pull to know more but still not stepping up to actually enroll in a workshop. Why? Most often, we’ve had clients tell us they were apprehensive to come, not knowing what to expect or if the methods we teach “really work”.

We realize that some people could think we are some pie-in-the-sky company selling another “Silver Bullet”. If you are wondering that, read Jack Schwager’s interview with Van in his Market Wizards book from more than twenty years ago, look through the extensive material on our website, call our office to talk to the knowledgeable staff — and judge for yourself. With our company mission of transformation through the trading metaphor, day in and day out we help traders become better at trading and living happier lives. We don’t give out silver bullets that can do that — and neither can anyone else. You can do that yourself with time, effort, and a commitment to follow through on the fundamentals again and again even as you make your way to mastery. Our workshops can be a big help to traders on their path to mastering themselves, the markets, and trading.

Hear from people who have purchased a package previously.
"The workshop package takes the pressure off when choosing which workshops to attend. I felt like I had many more choices of workshops and when to attend them, which was so much more appealing than picking them individually. No two workshops are ever the same, so even attending the 'same' workshop is always a new experience. My personal experiences were very positive and I ultimately applied for the Super Trader program as a result." — Anthony Sizemore

"Last summer I resigned from my corporate trading role to trade my own money. I’d always been a big fan of Van and loved the Peak Performance Home Course. Within a few days, I noticed a workshop package offer and knew this was a sign I couldn’t ignore. I went out to Cary a year ago thinking it would be my only trip and the Super Trader program wasn’t necessary....well I’ve been back 3 times and am now a very passionate advocate of the program!
"My experience with VTI has been deeply and profoundly transformative. In short, I am significantly happier, more peaceful inside and more empowered to create and manifest my dream life. The developments I’ve enjoyed have been astonishing! I’ve also made many deep, life-long friendships with people all over the world. It’s exciting, and I’m so glad I had the courage to follow my intuition that learning directly from the world’s top trading mentor would pay off. My advice to anyone considering attending a workshop is to go for it wholeheartedly, you will love the experience and improvements to your life!"— Jack Smith
Making It Possible

By taking advantage of one of our offers, you can join a dynamic group of long time customers who have said attending their first Van Tharp workshop was one of the best things they had ever done for their trading. The vast majority of students rate our workshops a “10” on a number of scales. Come see what all the buzz is about! The diverse and amazing group of traders that attend our workshops is one of the other main reasons that traders are delighted to keep coming back. We have developed an offer to allow you to attend a number of workshops in the coming year – for a greatly lowered package price — to see for yourself how our style of teaching can improve your trading experience.

Trading can be a solitary endeavor, so meeting other like-minded people is a very enriching experience — on a personal level and at the business level as well. Many unexpected friendships have started at a workshop and continue on for a long time. We have even had several money management firms start after people met here. Traders at our workshops are unlike any other group that you are likely to run into. That’s not what we say — that’s what our clients tell us. In fact, the uniqueness and quality of our workshop attendees are another key reason why traders keep coming back — and it’s also one of the main reason our instructors say they enjoy teaching workshops here.

Join other long-time clients who have said attending their first Van Tharp workshop was one of the best things they had ever done for their trading.

What is Included:

These unprecedented packages enable you to attend all our VTI workshops for up to 50% less than you would pay for individual full priced workshops. And in various cases its much more than 50% off.

We are limiting the quantity of these packages deals. These offers will end Friday, November 17th or when we have sold out, whichever comes first.

All of our top workshops are included in this offer. In addition, either package will apply to several new workshops we will introduce to the curriculum in 2018! Even workshops held outside of the U.S. through 2018 are included!


Those of you who have done business with us know we are very flexible and generally bend over backwards to ensure you have a good experience with us.

But, with such deeply discount packages like these there are few things we will firmly implement.

1. The 10 workshop pack (priced at $1,250 per workshop) is not refundable, not in full, not partially over time. However, we always stand behind our workshop satisfaction. If you attend a workshop that you are not happy with we'll allow you withdraw from that workshop and attend another in its place.

2. Both workshop packages have a limited time in which you can use them. The 10 Workshop Package expires December 31, 2018. The 5 Workshop Package expires June 30, 2019.

3. The 5 workshop package (priced at $1,495 per workshop) is refundable under these conditions:

  • The 5 workshop package is fully refundable prior to attending your first workshop.
  • Once you claim the first seat in your 5 workshop package, the balance is refundable less the retail price of the workshop.
  • After two seats in the 5 workshop package are claimed, the balance is no longer refundable.
  • Your workshop satisfaction is still guaranteed, and covered by our generous refund policy.

Are you already registered for a 2018 workshop and want to convert to this plan?

No problem! Just contact us and we’ll apply your workshop payment to the package. This process only applies to workshops scheduled from January 2018 forward. It does not apply retroactively to workshops which have already taken place.

Existing Coupons and Discounts Do Not Apply
There are a variety of discount coupons currently available for workshops. Those cannot be combined with the package prices. For example $200 coupons come with the Peak Performance Home Study Course which can be applied to the Peak 101 workshop, but they can’t be used with package pricing. The Forex Home Study course offers $600 off the live workshop, but that cannot be applied to the package prices, etc.

First Come First Served

These package specials are limited in number and the registration period ends in just a few days on Friday, November 17th.

Below is a listing of currently scheduled workshops through May 2018. More dates coming soon will include many more selections from the Peak Performance series (101, 202, 203, 204, etc), Day Trading Systems, Trading in a Sideways Market, and a new Options workshop.
Buy the 10-pack, 12 Month, $1,250 Each Package
  • 10 Workshops for $12,500
  • No Refunds
  • Workshops must be in calendar year 2018, no exceptions.
Buy the 5-pack, 18 Month, $1,495 Each Package
  • 5 Workshops for $7,495
  • Refund options are available, detailed above.
  • Workshops between January 2018 and June 2019
Van shares years of knowledge about wealth concepts, wealth creation modeling, being wealthy inside, and the infinite wealth processes. Attend this workshop and completely reshape your attitudes toward money, work, paychecks, income, wealth, scarcity, and abundance. Your paradigm shifts in just three days will amaze you and release you from your current beliefs about wealth that have been running in your unconscious and holding you back.
Immense success is possible for most traders and investors. But the secret to that success has little to do with some magical trading system. Instead, it has everything to do with you. You are the secret ingredient to your success. And when you transform yourself, you transform everything. Peak Performance 202 is a major leap forward for those of you who are willing to step out of your comfort zone.
Peak Performance 101 is Dr. Tharp's core psychological workshop, and his most transformative course for over 25 years. If you want to know how great traders think, behave and act so you can achieve consistent and profitable results, without stress, then this workshop is for you.
In just three days you’ll see how all of Van Tharp ’s strategic trading concepts fit into one seamless design for more predictable trading results. Your trading will never be the same.
This course illustrates the relationships among the steps so that the process is logical and reasonable. Moreover, you will learn how to take each step experientially, so you really get it. Dr. Tharp is an expert in delivering elicitation questions to bring forth each person’s most important issues.
MARCH Sydney, Australia
The Super Trader Summit is in December.
FREE Book!
We pay for the book, you just pay for shipping.
We'll tell more about this sale later, but for a while all of our products are on sale for 20% off. When you add the free book to an item already being shipped there is generally no extra shipping charge (of course, depending on your location).

Read Van’s Latest Book —
The Red Pill for Traders and Investors

Eleven traders tell their stories about transforming
their trading results and lives, in this 400 plus page book.

Below is a brief video on how powerful this book is to traders.

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