Ken Long's Videos on System Thinking and

Advanced Adaptive Swing Trading

System Thinking

In the following 9 minute video, Dr. Ken Long provides a great, short, overview of this new class.  

In the following 12 minute video, Dr. Ken Long provides an example of systems thinking at work in his trading practice right now. He discusses the evolution process for a new trading system using components from several existing systems.  While the terms Ken uses may be unfamiliar, listen for the concepts that help him understand when and how prices tend to behave in the morning session. He reveals some of the different tools these systems use to inform him on identifying critical moments in price development as well as some of the concepts he uses to manage the reward to risk ratio. 

In this 7 minute video, Dr. Ken Long provides a mini-lecture on how systems thinking helps traders. He explains how systems thinking helps them understand what’s happening now, identify where they’d like to go, and how to think about the methods, processes, and means to reach those objectives. Ken makes the complex concepts around these subjects understandable if not simple. In the upcoming Systems Thinking workshop, you will learn the habits of mind that help you evolve, that help your systems evolve, that help you maintain and even develop new edges — all as the market continues to evolve.



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Advanced Adaptive Swing Trading

In this 18 minute video, Ken answers some of the most frequently asked questions about this new course.

Dr. Ken Long discusses the role of strategy in systems thinking in this 13 minute video. He begins with a description of three broadly accepted problem solving models. Dealing with the markets, however, comes closer to trying to operate within a chaotic or complex adaptive system so problem finding, problem framing and problem solving approaches tend to be more effective. Ken then goes on to show how applying these concepts directly to yourself, to your systems, and to your views of the market will enable you to find multiple ways and areas to improve your trading performance.


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