The Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop Teleconference with Van Tharp
(Note Also referred to as the 17-Steps Workshop)


  Steps to Becoming A Great Trader - Teleconference with Van Tharp and Ken Long 

These conferences were recorded years ago. The information is solid. All dates mentioned are not correct. Any offers or sales prices are out of date.

Each conference approximately 1 hour and 10-20 minutes.
File size is 32-112MB. This is a free download.

To see current workshop dates and prices, click here.

Also this three+ minute video gives a very quick overview of the Blueprint Workshop

Click the links above to listen in your default media player.

To download MP3 audio files: 

1) Right click on either link above

2) Choose the "Save As" option to save the file on your computer.  

These are large files so they make take a while to download and or play.

Note in the teleconferences the workshop referred to as the "17 Step" workshop has since been more aptly named "Blueprint for Trading Success."




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