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Free Teleconference About System Development
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Noted trading and investment experts Van K Tharp, Chuck Le Beau and DR Barton
conducted a teleconference about developing systems with other traders and colleagues.

The teleconference focused on the important elements needed to develop an effective trading system. You can enjoy this valuable information free of charge.

The teleconference is approximately 1 hour long, divided into 2 parts.
You can listen to the segments on-line or download a copy.


To listen on-line, click the title of the segment from the list below.
Downloading instructions are also shown below.

DR Barton
The Segments of the Teleconference
Systems Development Teleconference - Part 1 - 35 minutes
Part 1 covers the following material:

What computer will best handle my system development?
How long does it take to develop a system?
Can I trade with a $5,000 account?
How do I open a direct access account?
What are good exit strategies?
What software is recommended for back-testing?

System Development Teleconference - Part 2 - 28 minutes
Part 2 covers the following material:

Are there systems that take advantage of ranges and scalping as well as trend-following at the same time?
Successful trend-following systems go for 5R winners. What about swing trading systems?
How do I adjust position sizing with regard to leverage and how is that done with options, stocks, futures and forex?
What are key factors in trading the S&P e-mini?
What kind of system best fits my personality profile? Are break-even stops good?
Are there ways to back-test that just use discretionary reading of charts?

How to Download the Teleconference

To download the teleconference:

Right-click the title of a segment.
Depending on the type of operating system you are using:
       Select the command     "Save Target As",     "Save Link As"      or a similar command.
       A dialogue box may ask you where on your local system to store the MP3 files.

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