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SQN Score Basics Course I and II


Have you ever wondered what Dr. Tharp is talking about when he mentions the System Quality Number score or SQN score? Because itís a little complicated and because itís protected by a trademark, he only teaches that formula in his workshops, in the Systems Development home study course, and in his book, The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies. But, what if you just wanted to learn about the SQN score and nothing else? Then these courses are for you.

If you want to learn simply how to calculate your systems SQN score, just get Course I. If you want to understand the SQN score at deeper level and have examples with data, then also get Course II.

As most of our clients who learn about SQN then also want to learn a lot more about position sizing strategies, we have made it easy to do with the SQN Score Basics Courses.


However, there is no substitution for the extensive amount of information contained in The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies and the material in Course 1 and Course 2 are abbreviated excerpts from the guide.


SQN Basics I Course

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SQN Basics II Course

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Course I and II Bundle

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SQN Score Basics I

The SQN Score Basics Course I explains the formula, why it works, and introduces the idea about how it applies in your position sizing strategy. For calculating the SQN score, you will need to understand to understand how to compute the R multiple for every trade so thereís a short section on the topic of risk and risk multiples or R multiples. The Basics I course material is provided in two video lectures.

SQN Score Basics II

The SQN Score Basics Course II goes into additional detail with additional information about the SQN formula.  It gives extensive additional information on the examples provided in Course I and provides additional in depth information as well. The Basics II course material is provided in a downloadable pdf document.

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