System Development Mini-Evaluation


As human beings, we all have psychological biases that impact our trading system development.
This simplified questionnaire is designed to help pin-point what some of these biases may be. 

To determine to what extent you may have one or more of these biases, take the following Mini-Evaluation.

Instructions: Answer each question as honestly as you can. Read over each item and then give it a rating of 0 to 4, according to the following scale:

0 - Never applies to me
1 - Seldom applies to me
2 - Sometimes applies to me
3 - Often applies to me
4 - Definitely applies to me

1 Computers have a mind of their own, they always give me problems.
2 When it comes to trading, average-sized profits will definitely be unsatisfying to me.
3 Other people can design trading systems, but that's beyond me.
4 I doubt if I'll ever understand all of these indicators.
5 Developing a trading system to trade real money -- that's too much work.
6 When I think about developing a mechanical system, I just don't know where to begin.
7 People tend to think less of me when I make a mistake.
8 It's really hard to understand computers, trading systems, and how markets work.
9 The longer a market trend lasts, the more I feel it is likely to turn around soon.
10 I understand exactly how markets work and everything else is just a waste of time.
11 Computers are more trouble than they are worth.
12 A trading system that wins 60% of the time is not good enough for me.
13 I've got too much to do to develop a trading system, but I'll get to it one day.
14 I demand perfection out of my trading system. I want it to do well in all sorts of markets.
15 Once I observe a strong relationship in the market a few times, I'm ready to trade it. I don't need to have a computer test it for me.
16 I hate math problems and avoid them at all costs.
17 There are aspects to developing a trading system that I know I have to do, but I just keep putting them off.
18 To me, trading indicators are a real phenomena that I can trade.
19 I really want to be a trader, but I find the task of developing a trading system to be very tedious.
20 If I have to do one more thing with respect to developing a trading system, I feel like I might explode.

Now total up the score (it does not automatically calculate) and jot this number down. Then press submit to see more information about your score.

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