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Years ago, Van Tharp began writing newsletter reports as supplemental updates to his Peak Performance Home Study Course. We have backissues for sale.

"I believe that what I write about is timeless information and in some ways I wish that I had never called it a newsletter. In the traditional sense of the word, people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a trading system and they will also pay big bucks to get a newsletter that provides them with current information about the markets or specific stocks or investments. All of these things are pretty soon out of date. So the word “newsletter” is often associated with something that is in the moment and only useful at the time that it is released. 

"However, what I write is not obsolete on the week that it comes out, it has no expiration. I write about what is necessary for trading success. Old newsletters being  seen as expired news is  very discouraging for me because I believe that the information that I have written will be able to help new and experienced traders alike if they take the time to learn it.

"I just hope that people realize that these back issues are still as valuable today as when they were written." — Van Tharp

Dr. Van Tharp has been publishing his newsletter for years. 


The amount of valuable, timeless  information contained in these issues is HUGE.


Differences in Issues Approximate length How to Order
2005/2006 Issues were Quarterly 

Generally 16-20 pages.

$59.95 per issue

Important: Jot down the issue number. Will be needed when ordering. 

Order single issues of the quarterly editions

1996-2004 Issues were Monthly

 Eight pages. Except double issues which are 12-16 pages

$19.95 per issue

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Order single issues of monthly Market Mastery or Course Update issues. 

Course Update issues from 1989-1996 were quarterly

Ranges 12-34 pages

$19.95 per issue

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Market Mastery Quarterly Editions - $59.95 ea



Issue Date

Issue #

Trading Strategies That Fit the Big Picture.
The End of an Era
Van Tharp 1st Qtr 2006 1st Qtr 2006
How Academia Leads Wall Street Astray: An Interview with Scott Brown, Ph.D;  Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em Van Tharp 4th Qtr 2005 4th Qtr 2005
Are You Doomed to Failure? Yes, but Only if You Avoid Working on Yourself!; Books I Really Like; Two Systems are Required to Trade Van Tharp 3rd Qtr 2005 3rd Qtr 2005
Understanding Expectancy and The Golden Rule of Trading; Risk (R) and R-Multiples; Evaluating How Good Your Trading System Really Is; What Can I Expect in the Future Van Tharp 2nd Qtr 2005 2nd Qtr 2005
Spring Cleaning: Doing a Psychological Assessment of Yourself; Ten Important Questions to Ask; Twenty Four Things You Can Do Now to Move Toward Peak Performance Health; Developing a Business Plan; The Importance of Vision and Goals to Your Business Plan; plus more. Van Tharp 1st Qtr 2005 1st Qtr 2005

Market Mastery Monthly Editions -  $19.95 ea

Note: If an issue number has been skipped it indicates that the issue is not available for resale. 



Issue Date

Issue #

Forty Ways to Move Toward Financial Freedom Van Tharp June 2004 #127
An Interview with Chris Weber, Part Two Van Tharp May 2004 #126
An Interview with Chris Weber Van Tharp April 2004 #125
Personality Type and Trading Carol Adams PhD March 2004 #124
An Interview with John Mauldin Part Two Van Tharp February 2004 #123
An Interview with John Mauldin Van Tharp January 2003 #122
An Interview with Steve Sjuggerud Van Tharp December 2003 #121
Seven Steps for Developing a Low Risk Idea Van Tharp November '03 #120
The Five Focus Levels of Investors Van Tharp October 2003 #119
Interview with Chris Anderson, Part II Van Tharp September 2003 #118
Fixed Ration Position Sizing: Part II Van Tharp & Chris Anderson August 2003 #117
Interview with Chris Anderson Part I Van Tharp July 2003 #116
Fixed Ratio Position Sizing: Part I Van Tharp & Chris Anderson June 2003 #115
How to Safely Buy Stocks: An Alternative to Buy and Hold Van Tharp May 2003 #114
How to Avoid Being Mislead by Advertising Hype
(Available via PDF download, Click here)
Van Tharp April 2003 #113
What's Happening in Today's Market Van Tharp March 2003 #112
Trading Bear Markets Through Mutual Funds: A Weekly Trading Strategy Van Tharp February 2003 #111
An Interview with Steven O’Keefe, Part II: Experience as a Portfolio Manager Van Tharp January 2003 #110
An Interview with Steven O'Keefe, Part I:  Analysts Van Tharp December 2002 #109
The Ten Key Factors in Great Trading Van Tharp November 2002 #108
When the Bubble Burst...Trading the Macro View Brian June October 2002 #107
Periodic Review Update:  Tactics for Turbulent Markets D.R. Barton September 2002 #106
Personal Responsibility:  The Core Concept of Successful Trading Van Tharp August 2002 #105
Self Sabotage Reexamined, Part II
(Available via PDF download, Click here)
Van Tharp July 2002 #104
Self Sabotage Reexamined, Part I
(Available via PDF download, Click here)
Van Tharp June 2002 #103
Peak Performance Health: An Interview with Bruce Du Vé, Part III Van Tharp May 2002 #102
Peak Performance Health: An Interview with Bruce Du Vé, Part II Van Tharp April 2002 #101
Peak Performance Health: An Interview with Bruce Du Vé Van Tharp Feb/ March 02 (double issue) #99-100

Understanding Games We Play
(Available via PDF download, Click here)

Van Tharp

Dec 01/Jan 02 (double issue)


Ticker Tape Reading

Aly Mustakim and Robert Tharp



What is a Trading System

Van Tharp



Interview with Robert Tharp

Van Tharp



Shorting Strategies: Making Profits in a Falling Bear Market

Robert Tharp



Does Your System Still Work in Changing Markets (Available via PDF download, Click here)

Van Tharp



Understanding the World of Professional Stock Trading

Robert Tharp



Stalking a Trade

Robert Tharp



Major Mistakes People Made in the 2000-2001 Bear Market

Van Tharp



Apply Dr. Tharp’s Teachings to Make Money in the Stock Market. Part I: Know Yourself

Henry McKaskie



CPR for Traders

“Jake Hardesty”



Charting A Course

Ron Ishibashi



Interview with Jack Schwager

Van Tharp



Don’t Ignore News or News a Techno-Weenie Can Love

D.R. Barton



Using a Wide Stop Loss for Long Term Investors

Van Tharp



A Business Plan is Your First Step, Part II

Brian June & Van Tharp



A Business Plan is Your First Step, Part I

Brian June & Van Tharp



Five Paradigm Shifts Made as a Result of the Taking the Peak Performance Home Study Course

Marjory Glowka



Using Position Sizing to Determine Your Objectives, Part II

Van Tharp



Interview with George Stamatakis Van Tharp February-00 78

Interview with Major Ken Long

Van Tharp



Paradigm Shifts for Wealth/Trading Success

Van Tharp



Using Position Sizing to Determine your Objectives, Part I

Van Tharp



The Mind of Market Maker, Part II, "The Play"

Brian June

9-10/99 (double issue)


The Mind of Market Maker, Part I, "Setting the Stage"

Brian June

August -99


A Navigation Through Simulations &System Development, Part II (“Marbles…The Sequel!)

Frank Gallucci



The Stealth Specialist (A Low Risk High Expectancy Method of Daytrading Stocks)

Brian June



Interview with Matthew Starbuck

Van Tharp



Six Keys to Wealth (or Any Form of Success)

Van Tharp

March -99


Trend Following Exit Strategies for Runaway Stocks

Charles Branscomb



Maximum Adverse Excursion Analysis Methods, Part II

Charles Branscomb



Maximum Adverse Excursion Analysis Methods

Charles Branscomb



Interview with Ray Kelly

Van Tharp



System AA: A Look at Recent Performance

Charles Branscomb



Special Report: Nine Factors Influencing the Market

Van Tharp



Developing a Trend-Following System Part X

Charles Branscomb



Options with Options (Part II-Position Sizing through Equivalent Risk)

Charles Branscomb



Options with Options

Charles Branscomb



Developing a Trend-Following System Part. VIII

Charles Branscomb



Exploring Systems and Money Management (Developing a Trend-Following System Part VII)

Charles Branscomb



Understanding the Guts of a System (Developing a Trend-Following System Part. VI)

Charles Branscomb



Testing System Performance (Trend Following System Part. V)

Charles Branscomb



Golden Opportunities in Asia

Van Tharp



A Special Report:  How Einstein Might Approach the Markets

Van Tharp



Assembling a System (Developing a Trend Following System Part IV)

Charles Branscomb 



System Exit Testing—Developing a Methodology (Developing a Trend Following System Part III)

Charles Branscomb



System Entry Testing—Developing a Methodology (Trend Following System Continued.)

Charles Branscomb



The 1st Step Toward Developing a Trend Following System

Charles Branscomb



Trading System Results Analysis-Beginning with the “End in Mind

Charles Branscomb



A Special Report: Interview w/Author of Mindtraps

Van Tharp



What Constitutes a Day of Data?

Charles Branscomb



Poor Quality Data —Which Many of You Receive Daily-Can Cause You to Miss A Trade or Enter Into A Bogus Trade Erroneously!

Charles Branscomb



Course Update Quarterly Editions -  $19.95 ea



Issue Date

Issue #

Market Making: Part 2

Van K. Tharp



Market Making: Part 1

Van K. Tharp



A New Concept of Wealth

Van K. Tharp



Education and Market Success

Van K. Tharp



Intuitive Investing with Lee Coit

Van K. Tharp



Judgmental Biases and Trading

Van K. Tharp

 12/94 (26)


OptionVue IV: An Interview with Richard Gard

Van K. Tharp

 11/94 (25)


Limiting Decisions: A Different Form of Self Sabotage

Van K. Tharp

 07/94 (24)


Bob Spear On Trading Recipes 

Van K. Tharp



Trading A Random Entry System

Van K. Tharp



An Interview with Dr. Van K. Tharp

Van K. Tharp



Jim Sloman Reveals His Latest • Work: When You’re Troubled

Van K. Tharp



Personality Type and Trading Success

Van K. Tharp



Psychological Issues in Trading System Development  

Van K. Tharp



Principles of the Conscious and Unconscious Minds

Van K. Tharp



Projection: You Get What You Want

Van K. Tharp



Parts and Self‑Esteem

Van K. Tharp

 04/ 92


Peak Brokerage/Agreements

Van K. Tharp



The Psychology of Organization

Van K. Tharp

 11/ 91


An Interview with Jim Sloman

Van K. Tharp



Tom Basso: Interview with a CTA

Van K. Tharp



An Interview with Tom Basso

Van K. Tharp



The Psychology of Taxes

Van K. Tharp



An Interview with Jack Schwager

Van K. Tharp



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