How to Develop a Winning Trading System that Fits You

What's Inside the Workbook

The 344-page workbook is packed with systems development information, notes, exercises and reference material to help guide you to developing a system that fits you. 


You'll be able to follow along in your workbook and perform the same exercises that are on the CDs. 


For details on the topics covered, see the Workbook's Table of Contents below.

How to Develop a Winning Trading  System 
that Fits You
Program I

Day 1

Section 1-1: Introductions 

Section 1-2: Expectancy Basics

Section 1-3: Position Sizing Basics

Section 1-4: Understanding the Big Picture 

Section 1-5: Overview of System Development

Section 1-6: Setups

Section 1-7: Entry

Section 1-8: Strategizing to Meet Your Objectives


Day 2

Section 2-1: Setting Your Initial Stop Loss

Section 2-2: Exits 


Day 3

Section 3-1: Position Sizing Strategies 

Section 3-2: Review and Individual Suggestions 


Program II

Day 1

Section 1-1: Key Elements of a Trading System 

Section 1-2: Why Trading Is So Difficult for Most People

Section 1-3: Ongoing Psychological Problems with Trading

Section 1-4: Psychological Issues in Developing a Trading System

Section 1-5: Four Psychological Areas

Section 1-6: Perception and Trading 

Section 1-7: Perception and Indicators 

Section 1-8: System Definition

Section 1-9: Parts of a System 

Section 1-10: Modeling a Trading System

Section 1-11: Objectives: Part 1

Section 1-12: Objectives: Part 2 


Day 2

Section 2-1: Concepts Behind a System & Entry Techniques 

Section 2-2: Random Entry Systems

Section 2-3: Setting Your Initial Stop Loss 

Section 2-4: Exit Techniques 


Day 3

Section 3-1: Filters to Entry and Exit

Section 3-2: Money Management for Money Management Systems

Section 3-3: Money Management for Rule Based Systems 

Section 3-4: Creative Money Management 

Appendix I: Calculating Various Indicators

Appendix II: Answers to Expectancy Problems

Appendix III: Supplemental Readings 

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