For the first time, Van Tharp is releasing a workshop via online video!


Tharp Think Video Webinar



We know you want more remote learning opportunities and we are excited to announce that we are moving in that direction.


We start our online video courses with the first workshop that we recommend all traders take; The Tharp Think Workshop.


The Tharp Think Workshop introduces traders to the critical concepts that Van believes every trader needs to succeed, and for consistently profitable trading over the long term.




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Tharp Think

In this video workshop, Dr. Tharp helps you understand the following eight core areas of trading.


How to think about your trading success in terms of achieving your objectives.

Few traders start with good objectives. Is it any wonder more traders aren’t successful? At this workshop, you will play a trading simulation game where you first have to define good objectives before you design a strategy to meet those objectives. This invaluable practice helps you immensely set strong objectives for your own trading business when you get back home.

How to think about risk.

In spite of what you have heard, risk has nothing to do with market volatility. That sort of thinking produced a subprime crisis and has allowed rogue bank traders to lose billions. Dr. Tharp will help you understand a highly useful definition of risk that will transform how you think about trading and shave years off of your learning curve.

How to think about your reward-to-risk ratio.

Once you truly understand risk, you can then consider reward-to-risk. If you don’t do this already, you'll learn how to evaluate every single trade easily and quickly so you can start passing up the poor ones.


How to think about trading systems as statistical distributions.

So many traders spend a lot of time and energy looking for a Holy Grail trading system. Once you begin to think about your trading systems as a distribution of results, however, your trading can take a leap forward. You start thinking about probabilities, variability, performance, how different sets of trades can vary within acceptable limits - or - outside of them. Rather than worrying about having a high probability entry, you can leave the workshop with a more robust understanding that makes developing good trading systems an easier process.

How to think about trading systems in terms of sample theory.

If you want to know what Republicans think, you probably won't survey people in South Chicago. Why? Because they are almost all Democrats. What does this have to do with trading? If you have a system that makes great money in a quiet bull market, you probably don’t want to trade that same system in a volatile bear or a volatile sideways market. Why? It’s likely to lose money. You need different systems for different market types and Dr. Tharp will help get you started.


How to think about position sizing™ strategies.

Most traders don’t realize, that 90% of trading performance comes from position sizing strategies – not from trading a great system! Why haven’t you heard this before? Because so few people have a clue about it. At this workshop, you will play a fun game that very powerfully demonstrates how a so-so trading system can generate fantastic results – once you understand position sizing strategies.


 How to think about self-sabotage.

Dr. Tharp has created a way to objectively define and measure self-sabotage. You'll be able to take this measure home and apply it immediately to your trading results to determine how much self-sabotage affects your bottom line.


 How to think about the psychological side of trading.

Your success as a trader is due to how you think. You'll learn why most traders struggle with this area.


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What to Expect

In addition to covering eight core areas of trading, as a bonus, Dr. Tharp includes his famous System Quality Number® Talk.


You'll learn how to judge your system’s performance by applying the System Quality Number method.  Your system’s SQN score tells you how easy or hard it is to use position sizing strategies to help you reach your objectives.


Here’s the agenda for the Tharp Think online video webinar:


1. Risk
2. Meeting Your Objectives
3. Marble Game Strategy
4. Playing the Marble Game
5. Practical Lessons
    a. 90% of Performance Variability Comes from This Variable
    b. Big R-Multiples and Their Importance
    c. What You Must Know to Meet Your Objectives
6. Key Game Factors
7. Why People Lose Money
     a. Expectancy
     b. Position Sizing Strategies
     c. Discipline
8. Hear the Q & A Session with workshop attendees


Reviews and Testimonials

Past workshop attendees have provided highly complementary feedback for the Tharp Think Workshop. Here's what students have said:


"A very nice overview. I had a deep insight as a result of the marble game."


"Excellent overview of Dr. Tharp's work"


"I enjoyed the entire day and I understood more than I expected!"


"Thanks for great day on Saturday! I had hoped to come to one of your classes for some time, and really enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot about understanding risk, and having a structured and business-like approach to trading. Just the idea of planning and measuring from R is a big step beyond most traders I know. I think everyone in the class felt at home with like-minded students."


"Great fundamentals from someone I trust."


"Full of quality instruction from beginning to end!"


When asked to list the top benefits of attending, students have responded:

  • Learning an easy-to-develop system for one market type.
  • A better understanding of SQN and how it works.
  • The power of position sizing strategies and the importance of position sizing methods in a wide range of possibilities.
  • Using beliefs as a filter.
  • Understanding the importance of R-multiples.
  • Learning to put less emphasis on entry.
  • Realizing the importance of psychological aspects.
  • The importance of tracking mistakes.
  • Market type information.

If you’d like to read about the Tharp Think Workshop experience of the Super Trader candidate who wrote the first chapter of Van’s new book, click on the following link -


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Live Workshop vs. Online Recording

For the live version of this workshop, you have to factor in the time and effort for traveling to North Carolina as well as only being able to experience it the one time.  This online video webinar allows you plenty of time to review the workshop as many times as you’d like and make sure you understand all of Van’s core concepts.  It costs the same as the live version without the hassles of traveling - $495. 


During your one year subscription period you can view the video as often as you like. You can also stop and restart it where you left off if you don’t want to complete all 3-4  hours in one sitting (The video runs for 3 hours, however when you factor in playing the marble game it will take at least four hours).

What You Will Need, Technical Requirements for the eLearning Course

Before purchasing this eLearning course, you will need the following:


1.  A Google ID

You already have a Google ID if you have one of the following:
• A Gmail email address
• An account with YouTube, Google Play, Google Plus or Google Maps account,
• Your company email is hosted via Google

• If you do not have any of the above, you can set up a Google ID here.

Note — You will need your Google ID prior to purchasing this course as the checkout process requires you to enter your Gmail address or email address associated with your Google account. If not having a google ID is a hindrance to purchasing the course please contact us and we will assist you.


2.  An internet connection with enough bandwidth to enable you to watch streaming video.

• We recommend a minimum Internet connection speed of 500kbps to be able to watch the videos with good resolution and minimal buffering.


3. The eLearning website works best with browsers other than Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


4. You DO NOT need to install Google drive on your system. All you do is enter the id and all of the content is available to you.


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