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Swing Systems


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Swing Trading Systems Streaming Video Workshop

Ken Long teaches his Swing Trading Systems Workshop via live streaming!



We are excited to announce that our new Swing Trading Systems home study course is now available in streaming video format!


This new E-learning based workshop will include Ken Long's systematic approach to swing trading, 5 swing trading systems and a bonus workshop featuring Van Tharp on Tharp Think principles.


Normally the Swing and Tharp Think live workshops would cost over $4,500 ($3,295 for Swing and $1,295 for Tharp Think).


You can purchase both part one and part two of the Swing Systems workshop and pay only $2,540 for both, or purchase part one now ($1,495) and part two later ($1,295).


The Tharp Think workshop video is included in Part 1 as a bonus, at no extra charge!



Peak Performance Course
Second Edition

peak hm stdy

Audio CDs & Books

The ultimate home study course for traders. Learn how you think when you make and lose money; how to reduce stress; how to avoid repeating mistakes; and how to eliminate emotions from trading. Contains five books and four CDs.

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Investment Psychology
Inventory Profile

Investment Psychology Inventory Profile

A helpful tool to determine your areas of strength as a trader, and to identify and minimize the areas that challenge you.


Highly recommended for use with the Peak Performance Home Study.

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combo special Home Study Combo

Peak Performance Home Study
How to Develop a Winning Trading System Home Study

We recommend that you complete Peak Performance first and then develop your trading system without all of the biases you'd have if you developed your trading system before understanding your beliefs about trading style.
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How to Develop a Winning
Trading System that Fits You

How to Develop a Winning Trading System that Fits You Home Study

This Systems Development course will help you develop your own trading system, as well as, get a better understanding of how to make more profit while trading any market under any conditions.
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The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing

Investment Psychology Inventory Profile


Contains over 350 pages covering
hundreds of questions and situations encountered by Dr. Tharp as he has taught this concept to trader after trader during the past 25 years.

Watch this video testimonial
from a VTI client.




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Introduction to
Position Sizing™ Strategies

PSS ELearn New e-Learning Feature

Internet Based - Instant Delivery

Includes audio-visual and interactive learning activities that explain this complicated subject in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

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The Position Sizing™ Game 4.0

The Position Sizing Game Trading Game

A simulation game all about position sizing strategies.

Learn and master how much to risk on any given trade.

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Would you like your money to make money—even when the market goes down? You can! And it could take as little as a few minutes or less per week.


Learn low-maintenance systems to earn consistent returns using longer-term trading systems.


Dr. Ken Long's original two-day workshop on longer-term trading system is available for streaming. With nearly 7 hours of video and downloadable companion documents you'll learn Ken's systems in your own space, at your own pace, and for half the cost!


This home study course is only $1,295, half the regular cost of the two day workshop.





Tharp Think Essentials


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Tharp Think Essentials Workshop

Dr. Tharp presents his new "Essentials" material via live streaming!


Learn how you are programmed by “the Matrix” and, more importantly, how to clear your old programming to create more useful beliefs that support your trading and a well-balanced life.

In this course, you’ll learn ways to recognize your old programming and start the reprogramming process including:

Recognizing your key beliefs that limit you; Learning how to reprogram them; Understanding how to use feeling release to unlock stuck beliefs that you know hold you back, and; Learning some of your mental strategies, such as how you convince yourself that something works, whether it actually does or not.

This new Tharp Think Essentials Workshop is different from Dr. Tharp's original Tharp Think webinar. This expanded version totals more than 7 hours of recorded lectures!


Note: This course is included for free with the Swing Trading Systems Elearning Course.

More About the Course Coming Soon

Business Planning for Traders

Business Planning for Traders Eight-Part MP3 Audio Series

Increase your chances of success by learning how to treat trading as a business and running your trades accordingly.
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The Psychology of Trading

Psychology of Trading

MP3 Audio Series

Learn the tools and techniques you need to transform the results of your trading and investing.

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Seven Principles for Great Trading
Second Edition

Seven Principles for Great Trading Audio CD

This CD covers the seven foundations necessary for peak performance trading and investing.
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The ABCs of Trading
A Course for the Beginner

Super Trader Book New e-Learning Feature

Internet Based - Instant Delivery

Includes audio-visual instructions that explain the basics of trading (Van Tharp style) in clear, easy-to-understand terms. This is a four hour course and you have 6 months to complete and review!
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Trading Beyond the Matrix

The Red Pill for Traders and Investors


In this breakthrough work, Tharp leads readers to dramatically improve their trading results and financial life by looking within.
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Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
Second Edition


Learn what the best traders in the world do and why a system is important.!
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Super Trader

Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets

super trader

Take off Your Glasses & Put on Your Cape
Transform yourself from a mild-mannered investor into a Super Trader!
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Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom


Stop working for money.

Learn about financial freedom, so you never have to work again.

Limited Edition Signed Copies


Read this Special Message from Van Tharp

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Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading.

Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading
Though many of the trading strategies in this book became out of date with changes in the exchange rules over time, this book is still a great section on developing your business plan for trading.
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Eight Edges You Must Have: Your Written Trading Plan

Only Available in Kindle Edition

The eight key reasons why people lose money in their trading and investing and how to avoid them.


Kindle Only


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The mission of the Super Trader program is a total transformation of your trading and your life. It requires a substantial commitment of time, money, and effort.


Regardless of your previous trading experience, you and Dr. Tharp will work together to define specific objectives for you to meet during your two-year program. You and Dr Tharp will also create a customized curriculum to help you reach those objectives. Receive over $120,000 worth of training for a fraction of the price. Includes all VTI products and workshops.

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