Does Your System Still Work in Changing Markets? 

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  • Techniques for determining when your system is working; 

  • Using your stock screening technique as a filter; 

  • Looking at your expectancy and equity, plus much more.

Excerpt by Van Tharp:

"I’ve covered a number of techniques which could be use to assess how well your system is working. If you like any of them, then make them a part of your system—a filter you use regularly to determine how well your system is working.

My belief is that most systems should have a filter built into them that really tells you if the system is working. For example, Elliot Wave predicts the time and approximate location of turning points. If they are not correct, you simply get out and limit your loses. CANSLIM gives you set up criteria, but when the system is not working, you shouldn’t have any setup criteria."

Order Now for Only $19.95 for immediate PDF download.

Order Now for Only $19.95 for immediate PDF download.

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