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Daily Trades


Ken Long

About the Quiz

There is one trade quizzes from Ken this week.  Each quiz has a trade scenario with price charts you can study from:

  1. Quiz — This is a screen shot of a trade setting up. Your assignment is to decide how the price might move from here, where you would enter and where you would put your initial stop. How would you mark this chart up?

  2. Frame — This is a screen shot of how the trade would be framed according to Ken’s guidelines. How close did it match to yours?

  3. Solution + Follow Through This is the price chart that actually developed out of the initial quiz-blank screen shot. Does the actual price path match one of your imagined scenarios?

If you played along, how would your trade have worked out? Collect your notes, results, and any questions you might have for Ken and send them to longke “at” yahoo “dot” com" with the title "trade frame clarification". Ken will compile and record a response to all the questions. 

Quiz 1

Below is the “QUIZ.” It's a case study situation where a trade is setting up and needs to be “framed.”


Below is the “FRAME.” It's how Ken thinks about how the situation could be traded.


Below is the “SOLUTION + FOLLOW THROUGH” How the price moved after the trade frame and trades that Ken took represented by the dots.

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