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Ken Long


Answer for 3/8/2017


See the chart 3 below for the rest of the moves during the intraday session.



About the Quiz

The Tortoise Trading Room has become an effective collaborative community of practice. It supports mutual learning as we discover ways in which to apply the general principles and specific systems of Tortoise-style swing and day trading to best fit our own individual circumstances. We emphasis documented “learning-by-doing” by recording and analyzing our results as part of the Ten Tasks of Trading.

As part of that collaboration, we have been making daily quizzes and case studies as checks on learning to see how well we have all internalized our group lessons learned. A number of our members suggested we share this technique with Van's newsletter readers as a way to share what we are learning.

To do that, we are offering a number of our typical “daily quizzes” that invite you to analyze common situations during the intraday trade case studies of the past couple weeks. We invite you to analyze the risks and opportunities in whatever style you are comfortable or familiar with. Then, compare them to our analysis and if you like, share your insights with us as a guest at the chatroom. Please feel free to enjoy some of our concepts and resources at

Today, we will start with four videos. Over the next few weeks we’ll give you more.

By comparing your methods of analysis to the Tortoise style you may discover some fresh critical insights that may help us all improve!

Quiz 1:

Link to video discussion at Youtube:

Quiz 2:

Link to video discussion at Youtube:

Quiz 3:

Link to video discussion at Youtube:

Quiz 4:

Link to video discussion at Youtube:


Quiz 5:

Link to video discussion at Youtube:


Quiz 6:


Link to video discussion at Youtube:

To send us your comments or questions, use this link:

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Quiz From 2/27/2017

When evaluating the quality of a setup, it is normal to consider the reward:risk ratio, and have some filtering criteria that demands a reasonably achievable reward as compared to a reasonably managed risk.


By reasonable, we mean a reward that  could be achieved without an extraordinary set of circumstances, and a manageable risk as one that includes normal factors for slippage and friction.


In today's quiz we asked our traders to describe at least 2 different ways of estimating the price level of a  reasonable intraday reward, given the setup in the blue circle. For those of you playing along at home, this is what we call "the Owl" setup.  The setup  logic and details are not important for the purposes of this quiz.
We invite you to analyze the chart below to estimate a reasonable intraday price target for a longside trade in EWW (the Mexican peso ETF, one of our favorite trading targets since the Nov election).



Answer Chart for 2/27/2017



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