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"Q: I see a lot of ads for stock-trading systems, and want to try one that really works. How can I educate myself about this? Can you suggest any reading material? 

"A: The problem with many of those canned stock-trading systems is that they work only if you apply them to past stock-market movements because they are based on historical prices. There's a strong possibility that they won't work in the future. 

"The people who sell these systems can't guarantee them, yet they are happy enough to accept payment for them. 

"If you must trade stocks, you might as well develop your own trading system -- one that suits your personal objectives and temperament. That is no easy task, but there are some books that will help you do it. 

"One that approaches the problem as intelligently as any is 'Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom,' by Van K. Tharp, an investment teacher and consultant with the Van Tharp Institute in North Carolina. 

"It includes highly detailed, yet beginner-friendly, discussions of the factors that are most important in creating a trading system, such as when to enter or leave the market and how much money to risk on each trade. After absorbing the material in this book, you will have the grounding you need. Then it's up to you." 

Moneybag Arthur M. Louis, San Francisco Chronicle, November 6, 2005

"...By analyzing the personalities of winners and losers, Tharp has identified traits that correlate to . . . success and failure."

The Dow Jones and
Financial Weekly

"the specialist who helps (his clients) unearth and change their unprofitable states of mind."

Stocks and Commodities

"Tharp forces you to face things. You can’t put a price on that."

Futures Magazine

"His consulting clientele includes some of the best performing traders in the world.." "He is commonly regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on high-performance futures and options trading."

Futures and Options World

"Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. was the only trading coach interviewed in the original Market Wizards. He’s written a home study course for traders and investors; edits a monthly newsletter, gives five different seminars, and has a supertrader program.

Futures Truth

Top Performers Tend to Seek Out The Best Coach To Give Them The Extra Edge

"From his office in Raleigh, Capital of North Carolina, U.S., psychologist Van K. Tharp heads the International Institute of Trading Mastery, a profitable business that attracts a growing number ...who want to turn market success into profit champions.

Revista Bovespa Magazine,
Brazil, South America

Dr. Tharp has been singled out as one of the world’s topmost authorities on successful trading as featured in Jack Schwager’s authoritative book, Market Wizards.

"Today he puts in six nine-hour days a week and has a six month waiting list..."

USA Today

"...Dr. Van K. Tharp, one of the world’s top authorities on investment psychology."

Commodity Traders
Consumer Report

"...we did a simple exercise together. At the end of that exercise, he (Tharp’s client) was a totally changed person. He called me two months later and said he had made over $650,000 trading in markets."

excerpt from Market Wizards

"Working with Tharp helped Webster (Management Group) confirm its belief in the core set of philosophies expressed in its trading systems... Networking and the chance to hone its business plan were both important benefits for Webster."

Futures Magazine

Private trader featured in Smart Money Magazine as a successful at-home trader... and comes in 2nd in the $50,000+ class of the U.S. Investing Championship

"Every time I return from a seminar or a consulting session, I feel noticeable change and improvement... Thank you Van and everyone at IITM."

Bruce Feingold

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