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I’ve designed this book to help you answer almost any question that you may encounter about position sizing.

In over 350 pages, I cover the hundreds and hundreds of questions and situations that I’ve encountered as I have taught this concept to trader after trader during the past 20 years. This definitive guide is truly my ultimate knowledge on position sizing. And if I must say so myself, I am considered the foremost expert on the subject. V.T.

Just a Few Topics Covered: 

  • Risk and R-Multiples 

  • Evaluating the Quality of Your Trading System 

  • What Can I Expect in the Future? 

  • The Most Important Factor (besides you) in Your Trading 

  • CPR for Traders and Investors 

  • Core Position Sizing Models 

  • Comparing the Impact of Various Models 

  • Position Sizing Methods to Meet Your Target Profit Objective 

  • Using Fixed Ratio Position Sizing to Meet Your Profit Target 

  • Position Sizing Methods to Help You Avoid Ruin 

  • Position Sizing Strategies to Avoid! 

  • Position Sizing Software Examined 

  • Self-Evaluation 

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Transform yourself from mild-mannered investor to Super Trader!

Do you want to produce consistent, above-average trading profits under various market conditions?

Dr. Tharp’s newest book, Super Trader: Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets, is broken down in to the five integral parts of successful trading.

This new book covers these five topics:

Part 1: Working on Yourself

Part 2: Developing a Business Plan

Part 3: Develop Trading Strategies That Work in Various Conditions

Part 4: Understand How to Meet Your Objectives Through
position sizing™ 

Part 5: Taking Steps to Minimize Your Mistakes

Dr. Tharp wrote this book in an easy to read style—quite different from his more technical approach in previous works. Each short chapter focuses on one concept critical to trading success. 

Every investor looking to improve their returns will also find this book highly useful. Super Trader concepts will help readers make money trading, avoid bear market losses, and lead happier, more balanced lives.

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Numerous people have told me that this book totally changed their thinking about trading, investing, and how they approached markets.

My understanding has always been that you cannot trade the markets. Instead, you only trade your beliefs about the market. For example, if you believe that the market is going to go up (or generally goes up in the long run), and you believe that trend following works, then you might adopt a trend following approach to buy stocks that are going up. However, if you believe that the market is overvalued and likely to go down, then you might have trouble buying stocks that are going up because it conflicts with your beliefs.— V.T.

"Van Tharp is a living legend. He is opening the doors to what really matters in trading and investing. He goes beyond suggesting ways to find potentially good stocks. He helps the reader understand the importance of how much to buy, how to get out when you are wrong, how to get out when you are right, how to assess your winning percentage, how to assess your returns from your system and most important of all- he explains the importance of investor psychology. A must read for any trader or investor." — Review from, January 2007


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Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading

If personal finance seems like a no-brainer for every brain but yours, this book will enhance your gray matter and your bank account. The payoff begins immediately. The authors explain complex and potentially mind-numbing terms such as "passive income," "stop loss" and "productive assets" in lively language that entertains without condescension. The text is sprinkled with helpful easy-step programs, charts and worksheets, features that integrate your financial data into the learning curve. Your participation enhances the book’s real-life examples. Quick summaries and detailed postscripts make the bite-size chapters even more digestible. 

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This book gives you the trading tools and the psychological insights to control your emotions, master every market and trading environment, and knock hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars from your electronic trading learning curve.


While some of the techniques in the book are no longer applicable due to changes in the decimal rule, the chapter on business planning alone makes this book a must have for your trading library. 


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